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joao inacio

GTK2 Themes by jcinacio 2 comments

sure, it's in chrome-like: - Nov 08 2008
MorningGlory Mod

GTK2 Themes by PingunZ 15 comments

One of the best themes so far.

I do have a few gripes though:
- no customizable colors
- some buttons look too "thin"

Other than that, it just feels right :) - Sep 28 2007
Drops in the net

Wallpaper Other by tichy 16 comments

great shot, great wallpaper! - Sep 06 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 45 comments

always nice have some colors :D

keep up the great work, i want a release!!! 8) - Jun 25 2006
Cold Plastic

GTK2 Themes by unforgivenII 13 comments

i think its very very good.

i like the fact that the combo dropdown buttons don't have arrows, though that will take a litle getting used to. - Jun 25 2006

Usplash Themes by lnxlogos 1 comment

i have no idea why the low score, looks real good to me (if you like black) - Jun 23 2006

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 90 comments

One of the best themes i'v seen, for real.


(still, for metacity i prefer the Gray theme to the included candido-light) - Jun 21 2006
I like it a lot, but the borders are waay to thick to use with many themes - Jun 21 2006