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Joí£o Dalvi
Cidade de Deus GDM

GDM Themes by gouchi 4 comments

O bagulho é doido parceiro, tá pensando o quê =P
CDD é nóis hauahahaha
- Jan 05 2009
Congresso Nacional Brasil

GDM Themes by lhamas 1 comment

Cara na boa pelo amor de Deus né, tenha pena do povo :D
Me pergunto quem realmente vai aguentar olhar para essa coisa asqueirosa quando ligar o PC =P
- Jan 04 2009
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

Thank you for this theme comrade :D

And for those idiot suckers who repeats like complete fools what "learned" at school.
I would just ask you who won the second world war, who defeated the nazi???
Was those you call "terrorists", "criminals", "totalitary" etc.
Another question, how many people die DAILY of hunger and easy-treatment diseases, how many bilions of people just born and die in complete poverty because of the "free" capitalist world???
You speak those bullshit because you probably never suffered of hungry or poverty. For god's sake go get some brain and think a litle bit about life before posting bullshit ok?
- Jan 04 2009

GDM Themes by Bacalhau 1 comment

Boa :D - Jan 04 2009
Che Guevara

GDM Themes by breadfan 6 comments

Despite all the lies the Imperialism spreads about Guevara, he is really a people's hero. And no, Cuba has never been a socialist nation - Fidel was not communist, his project to cuba was not the socialism - and Guevara leaved because of this.
Guevara was not a pacifist or a saint, he killed A LOT of people.
But what is not said is that LOTS of people were killed in the french revolution, and in the other european revolutions, and also in the USA revolution, for example. In social transformation MANY people die, as history has showed us many, many times.
But who "endemonizes" the french revolution and their leaders as they do with Mao, Lenin, Stalin and guevara???
What those who do not want a new, fair, society (and those who just repeat without thinking what "learned" at school) does not say when talking about "communism" is how many victims the capitalism do EVERY SINGLE DAY with its wars and slavery, and the bilions of people who born and die in misery because of capitalism.

Think about it man :P

Sorry for the political content, but I just cannot "shut up" before this.

And of course thank you man, thats a really nice theme :D
- Jan 04 2009