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jean soubiran
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus by egregorion 24 comments

A few time ago i used Dolphin to browse to the encfs directory for mounting, using path with symbolic links.
I can mount the directory but when i click (either the directory or the dir_encfs created directory) to unmount it, encMountUmountCreate procedure asks again for mount !
/proc/mounts contains the real path of the encfs directory and the path having symbolic link is not detected "mounted"
sourceDir (and destDir) values contains symbolic links in my test.
workaround (tested for mount and umount, but not tested for other functions):
sourceDir=$(readlink -f $sourceDir)
destDir=$(readlink -f $destDir)
I can mount and umount now
- Jul 21 2014