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Jarl Gjessing Frederikssund, Denmark

System Software by jegjessing 2 comments

The 0.8.2 version has now been running for several months without any error reports.
So, either no one is actually using it, OR it just works.

So, I will change this into a version 1.0 and consider it as stable - Jan 16 2014

Qt Widgets by mojo2000 1 comment

Have used it in my application: opentail - and are very happy with it - Oct 31 2013

System Software by jegjessing 2 comments

Please be aware, that at this point, this is a pre alpha.
There will be issues, there will be things not working, but I'm working as hard as I can to solve all problems that might arise.

Also anyone that knows how to write Qt code, have suggestions or can make icons, please don't hesitate to assist :-)

Also any problems you might run into, please let me know. That is the best way for me to fix them :-) - Oct 25 2013

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

Well, removing ZMD is one of the first things I do. Using smart: I COULD. But one of the things I liked about SuSE WAS yast. One place where I could control everything. This was my main "sales" argument when telling people good things about a distro.
opensuse-updater updated some packages and then looked fore new updates and never got any further :-(
The IMAP problem is concistent on my server at work. I'm the only one having this problem. I have /home installed on my laptop and I never format it, so I know that after installing all settings are as they should.
I reinstalled opensuse 10.1 and IMAP worked as a charm. I suspect that there are some kind of IP kernel filtering or something like that gives me problems since both IMAP and MySQL consistently gave the problems :-(
I tried installing on my stationary at home which also runs opensuse 10.1, but I never got past probing harddisks, because then the installed crashed. I tried installing in the other modes, Tex, disable ACPI etc. but then the machine froze :-( so it is still running opensuse 10.1
And just to put things stragiht. I'm not bitching about suse, never would I mean I wrote the bug reports and a couple of hours after there are people on the case.
I'm just suggesting that they should not release so soon. I dont think there is a need for a new version ever 8 months. Release once per year or maybe every second year. Focus on a rocksolid, "bug free" version. 10.1 had SO many problems when released then the RM version came out in which I have found no errors. Use a MUCH longer test period. If not newcomers will get a really bad taste when trying out Linux. 3 people I know that I suggested using Linux downloaded 10.1 and did they switch back to Windows? Yes they did. I tryed telling them to try again when 10.1 ROM came out, and that was a struggle because they had the bad experiences from before.
Again... I'm not bitching, just trying to make a point. I still love opensuse, I will still support it, recomend it, but I just think that they should rething the release frequenzy and method.
Thanks for the comment. I would suggest not installing 10.2 until some time yet:-( - Dec 09 2006

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

do you think that it was released a bit to early?
Powersaved just dont work, IMAP applications cannot connect to some servers, to others it can. MySQL gets error 1023.
I have used suse since 9.1 and have never found any distribution as easy to setup/use as suse, but after Novel took over the distribution I just found more and more stuff that just did not work.
The zmd thingy are just a nightmare. And now in version 10.2 just because I have packman, I cannot use yast to remove applications unless I'm online.
I'm really sad about the turn that opensuse is taking. Please someone, come with some really encourraging comments. - Dec 08 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

Oh, and I forgot...
What IS wrong with dulicating? You MIGHT say that Linux + KDE... is a duplication of Windows. What's wrong with that? I love Linux, but like windows. I praise the duplication.
You MIGHT also say that Burger King is the duplication og MC Donalds or whom ever came first. Whats wrong with that.
To be quite honest if there is no constructive comments comment somwhere else.
It is comments like this that demotivates. - Nov 28 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

How do I duplicate their work?
Those applications are simulators not EDA's actually I want to work WITH them so LedaX is only complete with these apps :-) so no there is noting wrong with them.
You seem to have misunderstood what LedaX is, which is my fautl because that shows that I have not put it in the right way. It is so easy for me to understand what I write but not as obvious for others, that is the problem with electronic communication :-)
LedaX is a
Librady Editor (not included in the two you mentioned)
Schematic Capture ( included in a very limited way in the two mentioned)
PCB Editor (not included in the two you mentioned)
In time autorouter and autoplacer (not included in the two you mentioned)
And much more. - Nov 28 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

I agree to some point. You might be right about Ubuntu. It has been some time since I tried i.e. gEDA on Ubuntu. But personally I think I have tried on a hugre amount of different distributions. But never the less. My wish is to make this really easy also in installing. That is keeping dependencies to a minimum, good installation manuals etc. - Oct 02 2006
Ark Linux

Various KDE Stuff by beroarklinux 16 comments

Njaaa, the burer is working :-) I've installed and burned several OS'es/CD's since. It is only Ark that is failing. FC5, OpenSuse, Xandros and Windows works fine it is just Ark that is failing. It works fine when I installed under vmware. - Sep 15 2006

System Software by mkoller 105 comments

Could it not "export" the jobs to at or something like that?
It would be cool to setup a job and then save it for being run at i.e. 8:00 am each monday. - Sep 04 2006
Ark Linux

Various KDE Stuff by beroarklinux 16 comments

Hi I have a Dell XPS M170. I'm trying to install booting from the CD, but when it comes to Locating CD it waits for a long time stopping with the message that it cannot find the CD, but it is in. Any idea why - Aug 04 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

Thanks, but...
Cannot see any content, I get: Not found :-( - Aug 02 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

Missing functions? I'm not sure that I'm missing any functions as such.
But I dont think that gEDA is very user friendly. Also I like applications that I can just execute and then draw.
I think gEDA has a way to high learning curve for me. I might be wrong.
The other aspect is, that I just want to do it. For this argument the success rate is mesured in how much fun I'm having on it and not on a fisished product as such.
I have not found a component library tool for gEDA where I can just draw components. (I might be wrong here too).
Also I'd like 1 suite with all applications using the exact same UI layout. Therefore LibraryEditor, Schematic Editor and PCB Editor.
I'f like to make them in such a way that they can export directly for use with Spice, KTechLab etc.
I think I'm going to make the PCB using existing libraries, but that is way to far out in the future for me right now. - Aug 02 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

Thanks :-) No doubt that it warms hearing that people feel this way.
I'm really happy that you do, but this is exactly the same responses I got on yaeda.
And though I love to hear it, and though it warms, it does not help the project in a practical way. It does keep me inspired to continue though :-) so keep coming with positive feedback if you feel like doing so, but still I need programming assistance. There MUST be someone out there with programming skills that are interested, and with time enough!?
Website, it would be the same as before, but not yet. I'm spending a lot of time on my new job and the project, so I dont have time for doing the website. Besides there are not a lot of stuff for it yet. Was thinking about setting up a forum where people could come with suggestions and such.
Money :-) Naahhh, if I wanted money for this, it should be enough for me to do this full time, and I really doubt that I could get that :-)
While yaEDA was alive, about 10.000 people showed interest in getting it but not more that about 50 would pay before any real program was released ;-)
Again thanks for the positive feedback, and sorry if I seem negative about it. I just REALLY need help on the project. If not I'm afraid it will go the same way as yaEDA :-( - Jul 30 2006

KDE 3 Color Schemes by floppy 6 comments

But what is the window decoration etc? - Jul 21 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

It compiles just fine, but when I click Add New and then selects Metabar, it appears for just a second or so and then dissapears.
If I click on the metabar icon, the samen happens.
But if I start konqueror from the konsole, there are no problems at all.
I have compiled and installed it on SuSE 9.2 running KDE 3.4 if that is of any help.
Thanks in advance to all that might have some clue to why. And thanks for the effort on making metabar. Really nice looking! - Mar 26 2005

Network by juancho 40 comments

In file included from knetworkconf.all_cpp.cpp:10:
knetworkconf.cpp: In member function `virtual void
KNetworkConf::enableApplyButtonSlot(const QString&)':
knetworkconf.cpp:409: warning: unused parameter `const QString&text'
In file included from knetworkconf.all_cpp.cpp:11:
main.cpp: At global scope:
main.cpp:27: error: redefinition of `const char*description'
knetworkconfmodule.cpp:25: error: `const char*description' previously defined
In file included from kadddevicedlgextension.cpp:20,
from knetworkconf.all_cpp.cpp:20:
kadddevicedlgextension.ui.h: In member function `virtual void
KAddDeviceDlgExtension::valueChanged(const QString&)':
kadddevicedlgextension.ui.h:16: warning: unused parameter `const QString&s' - Feb 26 2004
Clipperton Theme for Kde 3.2

KDE 3.5 Themes by xm1 7 comments

The WindowTitle is very small on my installation!
Even though I enlarge the Window Title font it is kept extremelly small.
Also to the right of the Menu icon, there is a corrupted Icon.
Other than that, super!!

Anyone else experiensing this problem? - Feb 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by heimbold 2 comments

Is it possible to get the image without the girl?
I'm not saying that she's not pretty or anything like that, but I just dont need girls in my background (I'm married :-)) - Aug 15 2003
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