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Lee Braiden

TV & Streaming by zanoi 29 comments

Unlikely I'm afraid; I'm not using KDE much these days, and it would need some big changes (but not a rewrite, hopefully) to make it take advantage of KDE4 stuff like phonon and KIO. Also, I've kind of become a convert to the way that Videocatcher and PenguinTV (and many other podcatchers, but not Miro, work). That is, most simply download/convert/manage podcasts, but let a third-party player do the playing in another window. Makes more sense in terms of allowing any kind of content I think, and the unixy do-one-thing-well approach :) - Mar 14 2010

TV & Streaming by zanoi 29 comments

You might want to check out my project, KatchTV, which is also on here. Quite a lot of overlap. KatchTV is probably more feature-complete, but this seems to use more KDE-specific stuff like KIO and be less hackish. Also, KatchTV isn't developed any more, and this clearly is :D Features from both might make a great system though, and you're welcome to borrow as much/little as you need, if code/licenses match :) - Mar 13 2010
Open Konqueror as Root

Konqueror by Chris7mas 6 comments

You are projecting. I never said anything about SSH, yet you went into a rant about it. I use SSH all the time too. Nothing wrong with it. Don't put words in my mouth, and maybe you won't find yourself so upset about things that haven't happened. - Aug 26 2008
Open Konqueror as Root

Konqueror by Chris7mas 6 comments

Fish is very inefficient. Especially for the kind of things root would probably want to do with a file manager. More importantly, you should have root logins (especially over remote protocols like ssh) disabled for security reasons unless you REALLY need it for some specific task. - Feb 01 2008
It's *almost* great, but "incapable" has such negative connotations. If you can find a similar word that suggests deliberate shunning, it'll be perfect :) - Jan 06 2008

Wallpaper Other by robux 6 comments

Wrong. GPL doesn't permit using anything that isn't compatible. Big difference. - Dec 29 2007

Wallpaper Other by robux 6 comments

You're right: GPL doesn't mean that. It uses copyright for good, rather than disrespecting it for the bad things it does.

I'm not even sure your questions are relevant to this though; there's such a thing as fair use, which allows taking things such as photos and including them in your own work (such as montages), so long as it's sufficiently different from the original -- in other words, if it has sufficient creative merit in its own right. - Dec 28 2007
Butterfly Women

Wallpaper Other by VaeloStudio 3 comments

You shouldn't. It's a website design issue. If you want something to open in a new window on a site, the only reliable way to do it is target="_blank". I'm not even sure how reliable THAT is. - Dec 06 2007
Compassion Smoothly "For almost all Reso

Wallpaper Other by sakasa 2 comments

You'd need to do a widescreen version too, before it's usable in many resolutions. Widescreen is 16:10. Mine is 1680by1050, and that would be good for most people, but 19xxbyxxxx would probably be a safer bet for maximum flexibility.

Anyway, not really expecting you to do this now, but just a note in case you're trying to make wallpapers useful for almost everyone in future :)

All the best :) - Nov 09 2007
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror by panzi 110 comments

Download links are broken - Jun 04 2007

Video Apps by vasile 4 comments

Is this KDE or Qt based? I'm not saying "get off the site if you're not using KDE tech." -- just curious as to whether it uses my favourite toolkit :) - Jun 04 2007

Groupware by smt 12 comments

Agreed. KNewsTicker had a great presentation, but no flexibility (in terms of categorising feeds, etc.). Akregrator is already the best aggregator I've seen on any platform, but if it could somehow integrate KNewsTicker's scroller, I'd be overjoyed :) Even more so, if it then had some way to figure out which items I'd seen scrolling by, and avoid re-displaying the ones I'd seen/clicked. Maybe by paying attention to which is clicked on, whether the mouse hovers over headlines as they scroll by, or whether they've been scrolled X times that day? - Jun 04 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Sounds like you don't have konsole installed. Your distro should have it, if it has other parts of KDE. If you do have it installed, then you might need to regenerate your library links or something. You should check with your distro's user support forums/mailing lists if you need help with that. - Jun 02 2007
bit torrent searcher

Network by bugmenot 5 comments

There are lots of websites that provide meta-searches for torrents, too. - May 31 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

In case you're not familiar with tar, the command line to use is:

tar -xvjf filename

The problem might also be that you don't have bzip2 (or, specifically, bunzip2 and bzcat) installed. - May 27 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

OK, you should try right-clicking to save the file to your machine then, and seeing what tar says. Ark works fine for me. I suspect you've probably got a corrupted download. - May 27 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

OK, same question: how are you trying to unpack it? With ark? tar? If tar, what command line? What error do you get? This is a bzip2 tarball, not a gzip tarball.

Thanks :) - May 27 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

It's working fine for me, and seemingly for others. You may just have a corrupted download, which you need to download again. How are you trying to open/extract it? - May 27 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

"from kparts import KParts
ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ undefined symbol: _ZN11konsolePart8setPtyFdEi

I do run a few python-kde type apps without any issues this is a first for me."

This is almost certainly a fault on your system, or with the python-kde package you have installed. Most likely, your packages are out of sync with each other. The reason it's not appearing in other python-kde apps, is that many of them probably don't use kparts. A simple apt-get update followed by an apt-get upgrade may solve it. If not, you'll need to figure out the dependencies that are broken/incorrect, and fix them -- perhaps with help from one of the debian IRC channels or mailing lists. - May 27 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Thanks for the encouragement nix' -- glad you're still enjoying it :)

Actually, this latest release has been 95% done for quite a while now. I just did a few final things and packaged it today. It was enough to get me in the coding mood though, so I started another project afterwards :) - May 26 2007

Graphic Apps by CKulT 185 comments

"Important: you should have video drivers installed"

Anyone using KDE is likely to have video drivers installed :) I guess you must mean that something like hardware-accelerated OpenGL support, or the win32 video codecs package is required? - May 26 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Hi again,

I just posted the latest release -- you'll probably want to use that instead. - May 26 2007

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

> I have Kubuntu Feisty with python2.5
> installed, but when I do sudo
> apt-cache search pykde I get the
> following files:

python-kde3 - KDE3 bindings for Python

> I really don't know what to install
> to get KatchTV work, any help?

Just apt-get install python-kde3 should do it (don't forget kaffeine).

> Can I run KatchTV from any
> directory? or is it really necessary
> to store it as stated in the README
> file? Thanx.

Honestly, I don't remember now :) It's been a while since I worked on that version. I have a new version ready to release, but have been hoping to get work done on an even newer version instead. I'll probably just release the version I have now, at some stage, but I want to reorganise the website for it first, too.

I made most (if not all) of KatchTV to run from any dir, but there may be some things that require particular locations -- not sure. For now, it's probably safer to install it according to the docs. I use a debian-like (debian itself actually) system too, so the location specified in the docs shouldn't be "bad" in any way, even if it doesn't suit your personal preference. - May 26 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by oever 126 comments

One feature I'd really like to see is page-aware indexing and search results.

For example, if I search for some phrase, excluding some other phrase, and it's found in a 400-page PDF, it's not really helpful for a search tool to simply link to the document, where I have to launch a PDF viewer, start another search within the PDF viewer, wade through all the pages containing the negative phrase.

I'm no expert on search engines, but I *think* this could be solved by breaking down documents into sections and/or pages before indexing. Then, for the client side, a new URI scheme, like pdfpage://1/file://localhost/docs/doc.pdf could be provided. KDE could have URI handlers that launched a PDF viewer, specifying the page to go to (if the KPDF people cooperate), or communicating via DCOP to change the page after loading (if they don't, and KPDF provides a DCOP interface for this). - Apr 28 2007

Education Apps by ita256 150 comments

This needs more description, and sreenshots. How does it work? How does it compare to kdissert? How does it compare to conglomerate? Is it inspired by other apps? What features does it have? What features will it have? - Mar 26 2007
Vivia - The Video Editor

Video Apps by ellis 23 comments

Fair enough. You've thought this through more than I realised. In that case, I'll look forward to seeing what how the project comes along. Some parts of it do look good so far :) - Oct 31 2006
Vivia - The Video Editor

Video Apps by ellis 23 comments


It's nice to see more KDE Apps, but... there are so many NLV Editors around already, and none of them are reliable or capable of all the video formats that mplayer is. PLEASE contribute your time to kdenlive, or pitivi, instead of starting from scratch. - Oct 30 2006
KMail Tagging Patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by monur 18 comments

This is great :) Hopefully most KDE apps will support tags soon, and then we can get it integrated with KDE 4's semantic desktop :) - Oct 25 2006

Audio Apps by dadexter 2 comments

...screenshot? ;) - Oct 04 2006
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

Looks good, and it's great to see more such apps. I'm not qualified to say which is best, being no more than a tinkerer with electronics.

On the subject of others being hard to obtain and/or install, it's worth noting that this is a distro issue, not really an app issue. On debian/ubuntu, it's a simple matter of apt-get install APPNAME. - Oct 01 2006
global keyboard shortcuts to control volume (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by warrob 10 comments

I'm hoping, with KDE4's new audio mixing system, we'll never have to adjust the volume again. If the system knows when I'm watching movies, when I'm listening to music, when I'm playing games, what is an alarm from kontact, and when I'm doing that stuff through speakers or headphones, then I'll be able to just set everything to preferred volumes once, and forget it :) - Sep 30 2006
using plugins in konqueror (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by warrob 7 comments

Well, I don't know what the developers intended (for a fact), but it seems pretty clear that they intended to offer a useful choice, and I never found the choice of "run plugin" useful, without any information on what the plugin is, or even what the server the plugin would run code from is. I'm a developer, and to me, it's a bug. They might disagree, but they shouldn't be upset about reclassifying it as a feature request if that's what they choose to do; it'll be a close call, that's all. - Sep 29 2006
using plugins in konqueror (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by warrob 7 comments

You should file this as a konqueror bug rather than posting it here as a suggestion. It does seem like a bug to me, to ask people if they want to start a plugin, without giving them any information with which to make a decision. - Sep 29 2006
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

It's great to see kontact integration! I'm just hoping my edgy setup includes this so I won't have to compile from scratch :)

However, "not using the ordinary KDE widget style" would be a negative for me, not a positive. I have a KDE style pre-chosen, and for the sake of familiarity, ease-of-use, and overall desktop integration, I prefer KDE apps that stick to the same style guidelines. - Sep 28 2006

Science by arenyart 4 comments

Yes, it's integer-based :)

But apparently they just fixed that in SVN :) - Sep 27 2006

Science by arenyart 4 comments

a) alt-f2
b) 1 + 1
c) return

;) - Sep 27 2006 Suggests for amaroK

Amarok 1.x Scripts by phlogistonjohn 14 comments

It's good to see this. I think the feature is supposed to be present in amarok (I filed a wishlist item requesting it ages ago), but even when it got "implemented", it never worked for me, except for seeing that extra little button in the preferences.

I ran into some problems with this, though...

The tarball is actually a .tar.bz2.gz, and so amarok wouldn't install it. I had to ungzip it, and rename it.

Secondly, I'm running amarok 1.4.1, and it complains that I need amarok 1.4 upwards, and so it won't work. - Aug 10 2006

Various Games by ftg 2 comments

I haven't tried your app (not much interested in playing m{ud,oo,ushe}s lately). But you might want to look into maintaining or borrowing code from kmud. It was probably the best graphical client available for linux, until it fell into disrepair and wouldn't build on modern KDEs any more. Works for KDE 2, and there's talk of KDE 3 support on the site (CVS or a patch) - Aug 01 2006
newStyled C (nSc)

Developers Apps by lavacano201014 4 comments

To save people downloading this to see what it is... it provides two functions:

meltdown(n1, n2, n3, n4, n5)

There is no API documentation, and the delay function (at least) is broken.

To the author: this is a good thing to practice with, but it's not much use to others. Your delay() function will not work at the correct speed on any computer that is faster or slower than yours. Also, it is highly inefficient.

The reason for both of these issues is that you can't just run a loop for a long time as a way of waiting on a multitasking computer, or a computer that's capabilities aren't fully known. Instead, you have to use higher-level computer parts, like the built in clock and alarm system, to wait for a specified period of time. Look up the sleep() function, which does what you want delay() to do. - Jul 19 2006
Gnome Play Video in Totem

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mwheatland 1 comment

You might enjoy PenguinTV in GNOME, for audio/video podcasts. It's really quite cool, and DOES launch totem etc.; part of what inspired me to make KatchTV.

p.s.: I'm not sure, but I think you meant the GNOME Desktop Environment (or GNOME Desktop, or simply GNOME). The GNOME Window Manager is a very specific single program (which isn't a strong selling point for GNOME either ;) - Jul 17 2006
tX XML editor

Office Apps by jinsookang 7 comments

Hmm. Not my idea of a nice interface, but it's a very interesting approach :)

Does anyone know of a conglomerate-like xml editor for KDE? Or just a conglomerate clone that's being actively developed? - Jun 19 2006
KFastText - Smallest Text Viewer

Text Editors by sabby7890 10 comments

Sounds like one of those simple things that's been sorely missing in KDE :)

I have a question before I install this though. Does it handle the different text issues, like wrapping, DOS/Unix/Mac line endings, etc.? - Jun 18 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Yep, I just discovered this problem myself the other day. It's intermittent, but might crop up for you again. Not serious though; I'll get it fixed soon :) - Jun 06 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Yes, kmplayer seems to be broken somehow :(

If you read the included documentation (README.txt file, and the click on the help button in KatchTV), you'll find more details on this, and how to use kaffiene (or other KDE-compatible players, if you have some). - Jun 04 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

*Something* should happen for sure. Normally, you'll get a status bar message (at the bottom of the KatchTV window), which says that it's opening the media file. Then, after a moment, the page you're in should be replaced by the play page. If kaffeine (or another KDE player) can't show the media, you'll probably get a box with an explanation about this. If it's really breaking (which isn't unheard of right now, but is unusual) then you'll get debugging information on the command line. If nothing at all is happening, try just clicking play again -- sometimes it's a little tricky to press right now, due to the UI locking for a moment when it updates. - Jun 04 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

The easiest way is to move ~/.KatchTV to another partition, and then just symlink ~/.KatchTV to that new location. Something like:

mv ~/.KatchTV /newpath/KatchTV_Data
ln -s /newpath/KatchTV_Data ~/.KatchTV

I think this should work fine, but it's untested, so let me know if you have any problems with it :) - Jun 01 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

That's on my list of things to fix. It's just a small issue; shouldn't take long. Recently I've been concentrating on getting major features done, but I'll do that next.

There is a way to get more screen space, though I realise it's not always an ideal solution: when you shrink the side panel normally, it'll stop after a little while. However, it's just resisting because there is a minimum size set; if you keep trying to shrink, towards the left edge, the panel will be hidden. Note that for videos, you should resize before starting playback right now. - May 30 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Thanks; glad you like it :) - May 30 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Yes, you should probably open port 80 outgoing to for now, since it checks for updates there, and the code doesn't (currently) support proxy settings. That was an oversight on my part, that I'll resolve soon. All other web access is done through KDE, or a through a downloader library which supports the http_proxy, https_proxy, and ftp_proxy environment variables. I have KDE set to use my environment variables too, so it doesn't get out of sync. I'm planning to re-write some of the downloading stuff, so I may be able to get it all using KDE's settings eventually.

On the error messages... yes, you're right. It's really not supposed to show those errors at all; the latest version catches most of them and displays nice messages, but I'll handle any other ones as soon as I can too :) - May 23 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Hi again :)

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong error before. The socket.error line is the important one here; I fixed a problem like that in a recent release though. Can you download the latest version, and tell me if you still have problems with it?

You should check that your DNS functions normally (especially if you normally use a non-kde browser, like firefox); that might have been the cause of the delays. Also, make sure your computer isn't doing other things when you test.

I'm not (quite) as busy right now, so if you can get back to me soon, and there are still issues, I'll try to get them sorted out quickly for you :) - May 23 2006