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Jeremy Jeremy

Wallpaper Other by Divilinux 4 comments

Nicely done... did you do this or is it from somewhere else ? If you did it, what did you use ? I like it. - Mar 28 2006
Twins - KDE and Gnome

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by tichy 7 comments

Why am I seeing a gnome footie print at KDE-look ? No, we shall have none of this I say ! :P - Mar 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by bajtek 4 comments

Nice... what can I say... erm.. Nice :P - Mar 28 2006
ubuntu 64

Wallpapers Ubuntu by akze 4 comments

One for Kubuntu ? Kubuntu 64 ? Pweeese, Pweeedy Pweese ? :P - Mar 28 2006
kubuntu on the wall

Wallpapers Kubuntu by soxofaan 3 comments

I think this should be a candidate to be kubuntu's default wallpaper. What do you think ? - Mar 16 2006

Wallpapers BSD by gbh 10 comments

I don't use FreeBSD but I'm downloading this anyway :P - Mar 16 2006
kubuntu on the wall

Wallpapers Kubuntu by soxofaan 3 comments

Nice work, thankyou. :) - Mar 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by newday-net 1 comment

We need more fun on the desktop. Thankyou ! - Mar 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by pingwin 2 comments

Its fun, well done - Feb 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by oMasta0 5 comments

Yes I agree that it's not well done, but its a great idea. The most interesting take on the "Bliss" style wallpaper I've seen in ages. - Feb 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by suchy000 5 comments

I likes it ! - Feb 24 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

ERROR 404: Not Found

Congratulations. Thankyou very much. - Feb 24 2006
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

I just want to download the bloody thing !!! What is all this crap I have to go through just to download it ? Open a web page, search around, be stuffed around... Is it really worth the trouble ? You're just putting people off by making it such a chore to DOWNLOAD IT !!! I'm already at What do you think is for ? - Feb 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by pixelmolester 15 comments

He used Maya 6.5 ;) - Jan 17 2006

Full Icon Themes by tlacuilo 26 comments

I like it... Keep up the good work ! - Jan 04 2006
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jbus 33 comments

I'm using Kubuntu Breezy too and its as easy as typing "sudo apt-get install ksplash-engine-moodin" (and then your password) or alternatively, opening up the Adept package manager and searching for "moodin" and clickety click click ;) - Dec 13 2005

Wallpaper Other by ulbe 2 comments

Perhaps it was meant to be a bit of a joke ? A laugh ? A bit of silliness ? Shall I download it for a laugh ? uh.. no, its just too hideous to contemplate. - Dec 13 2005
Gears Wallpaper Pack

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 6 comments

Great wallpapers, these should be KDE defaults. That is of course unless you do something better ! How about some ideas for KDE4 ? You are now in charge of KDE4 wallpaper design, that's right because I said so, don't argue with me just do it. I expect to see eyecandy and I expect to see it immediately !

;) - Dec 13 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 48 comments

I am so sick of seeing the "This file is not a valid icon theme archive" message. Kind of defeats the purpose of posting icon themes on I think. Perhaps we could have a separate "icon themes for people who enjoy working AGAINST the good work KDE developers do instead of WITH it" site. Just my two cents. - Dec 10 2005
Dr. Evil-Linux

Wallpaper Other by Galion 22 comments

Hey great humorous wallpaper ! Yes, I'd like a 1280x1024 one too please :)
Just a little thought: Tux looks a little messy around the edges, could you clean that up a bit ? Nice work. - Oct 02 2005

Wallpaper Other by oMasta0 1 comment

That looks rather nice... can't understand why it doesn't have more votes though ? - Sep 28 2005
Grey 3D K-Logo

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 5 comments

This is the best Klogo wallpaper I've seen in ages. I usually don't go for them much, as they seem to draw too much attention to themselves in an annoying kinda way (or is it just me ?)... anyway, nice job ! This one's a keeper for me :) - Sep 28 2005
I find myself returning to this one rather than the transparent one... It would be nice if this was included in the next official kubuntu. Just my opinion. - Sep 28 2005
Kubuntu Ultra KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by jbus 10 comments

I like this very much. Suprised to see no comments ! I think it deserves a higher score, and more encoragement for you ! I'd like to see this sort of thing in the next official kubuntu. - Sep 28 2005
kubuntu breezy badger

KDM3 Themes by Drakeson 8 comments

Nice theme :)

I think it would look better if the outer edges were rounded like everything else is though. Would be a nice little improvement methinks.

Just my two cents.

Thankyou, move along. - Sep 28 2005
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jbus 33 comments

Indeed, this should really be in the next official Kubuntu release. Great work ! - Sep 28 2005
Penguin for Konversation

Konversation Nicklist Themes by poison 3 comments

Penguins ! I love this theme, thanks ! - Sep 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by uddw 5 comments

Hey this is cool... Uh... I need to cull my wallpaper folder... - Sep 06 2005
Filebrowser appearence

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 29 comments

I like things to look pretty, and to be informed and be given simple, easily acessible options. But I like things to be kept simple and uncluttered. I hate the Microsoft style of doing things which to me is just a big waste of screen real estate rather than actually helpful.

How about something that is nice looking, simple, helpful, and minimalistic. Something that doesn't waste big slabs of space on my screen giving me information that I don't always wan't anyway.

Innovation is the key to KDE's future. - Sep 06 2005
Eight Legged Freak

Wallpaper Other by vinbob 1 comment

gives me shivers just looking at it :p - Sep 06 2005

Wallpaper Other by ptafflogic 1 comment

Cool ! I love it... looks great on my desktop :D - Sep 06 2005

Wallpaper Other by valleyman86 1 comment

Very nice, especially since I'm using an AMD processor :p - Sep 06 2005
Very nice, especially since I'm using kubuntu :) - Sep 06 2005
Handwritten icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets by admrl 18 comments

This is a great concept, I really like it, keep it up ! - Aug 30 2005

Wallpaper Other by tchaguy 4 comments

Rather nice I must say :) A pleasant new addition to my wallpaper colletion. - Aug 30 2005
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

Cursors by pinux 77 comments

KDE has an easy to use graphical dialogue that makes it easy for anyone to install X11 mouse themes... It might not be that hard to install these manually but thats not the point. How about working with the KDE team and the efforts they have made to make the desktop more friendly instead of against it ? - Aug 29 2005
Animated Emoticons For Kopete

Emoticons by wsjunior 53 comments

These emoticons are just gorgeous ! Yes, would be nice to have transparent background, and a few basic ones like (razz) but this is really great work... keep it up ! :D - Aug 28 2005
Linux inside

Wallpaper Other by IceSheep 1 comment

Hmm, I don't mind this... - Jan 23 2005
Crystal Color

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by nuka 40 comments

Aah K. My misunderstanding. You can make the panel transparent but not minimised tabs. For that you do need v2.

Apologies. - Jan 22 2005
Crystal Color

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by nuka 40 comments

Really ?? Well I must be dreaming cause my taskbar looks translucent.

Right Click on taskbar > Configure Panel > Click the 'appearance' tab > Check the 'enable transparency' box > Click on 'Advanced Options' > Use the slider to make it more or less transparent as you like it > Click OK !

Is this too difficult for you ??

Sheesh !! - Jan 22 2005
Like marble

Wallpaper Other by lgs 1 comment

I added a bit of a grey blend which seemed to give it a bit of a 'smokey' effect and voila ! A very stylish desktop. Thanks ! - Jan 22 2005
Active Heart Mandrake 10.0 RPM

KDE 3.5 Themes by doquar 4 comments

Yep, bad link . . . . fizzle, shizzle - Jan 20 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by kzaty 11 comments

I agree. I like Jaguar/Panther too. Though it would be nice to see those with the technical skill to create such niceties continuing beyond this point, creating innovative new desktop designs. Give people time; Perhaps todays brilliant counterfeiters are tomorrows cutting edge desktop desginers ? - Jan 20 2005
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes by speleoalex 265 comments

Tellebubbies for KDE ? Why would I want to download that orrible thing for ? Thats just wrong ! Gimmie a nice new superkaramba theme anyday !

:P - Jan 20 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

I've installed it but Baghira does not appear in my widget style menu... so all I can get are window decorations. I installed the Mandrake RPM (Im using Mdk 10.0). Anyone have a simple answer for this annoying issue ? - Jan 15 2005

Screensavers by ich666 36 comments

Says its installed but doesn't come up on my list of screensavers. :( - Jan 15 2005
Baghira Windeco Mandrake 10.0 RPM

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ntesa 11 comments

Ive tried installing this twice now and both times it hasn't worked. Baghira does not appear on my widget style list... I had an older version which worked fine, this has just messed up my desktop. Not happy. - Jan 15 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

A link to a screenshot ? - Jan 15 2005
Crystal Color

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by nuka 40 comments

Hi forghoon. Here's how you get a translucent taskbar/panel:

1. Right click on the panel.
2. Choose 'Configure Panel'.
3. Click on the 'Appearance' tab.

4 Down the bottom of the next window you will see a 'Panel Background' section - Check the 'Enable Transparency' box and click on 'Advanced Options'.

5.Use the 'tint amount' slider to determine how much transparency you want.

6.Click ok, ok... Enjoy ! - Jan 15 2005
Blue Klass

Wallpaper Other by cfel 13 comments

yes... yes... mwuhahaha...
But seriously, KDE's wallapers need updating and this one would be a good one to start with. - Dec 08 2004