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Oct 29 2019
Even though it's .exe, it's linux, not windows. I can't diagnose the problem without more information. I suggest filing an issue here or using the veusz subreddit on reddit. Please supply any error messages. - Oct 27 2019
You could try the linux binary here: (just updated today). It requires a x86-64 system. Unpack and try running veusz.exe. - Oct 26 2019
Veusz 1.8+ is much faster for plotting large datasets as the inner plotting loops have been rewritten in C++. - Aug 30 2010
Unfortunately that repo looks dead.

There's a Debian bug here about the packaging:

It's annoying as we already have the program packaged but there's no debian sponsor.

There are recent Ubuntu packages here: - Apr 01 2010
Just send them to the mailing list veusz-discuss, - Mar 24 2009
You can turn off antialiasing by right clicking on the plot and deselecting it. This helps speed up things a lot! - Nov 06 2008
At the time when I started Veusz kst seemed more to be more of a realtime plotting application. I haven't looked at kst recently.

The focus on Veusz is to make nice plots to put in publications with a lot of flexibility on how they look.

Also writing in Python is so much more enjoyable than waiting for C++ to compile, as I know from experience. - Jun 19 2006
I don't have access to a Debian system, so not currently. I'd be happy to work with someone who knows Debian to get it working. - Jul 23 2005
Useful idea. I've just put some code into CVS to fix this problem. Now Veusz reports the number of errors reading a variable, rather than throwing an exception. This means you can use a dummy variable to ignore a string column. In the future I plan to support reading strings (for bar graphs), but it's further down my priority list.

The fix will be in the next release, but feel free to download via CVS (it's fairly easy). See

I've had to change the scripting interface to the ImportFile and ImportString commands to return the error count in addition to the variables read. - Mar 25 2005
Please be aware this program requires PyQt and numarray (Python). There isn't a fancy installer yet either (there will be one in the future). - Mar 22 2005