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Jester Seven

GTK2 Themes by mikeTheScientist 5 comments

Love this one and the blue one! Wish there were more, black. red, purple (for the ladies :p) - May 12 2008
Rss mini

Conky by Whise 4 comments

Doh, just read that you were not the author. Oh well, maybe he will read it. - May 04 2008
Rss mini

Conky by Whise 4 comments

This is the only RSS screenlet I could find that did anything close to what I wanted.

I have a couple of suggestions/requests:

1-Give the ability to stretch the length longer than 200. I realize it's called "mini" but it worked so well, I wanted it to use more. I manually changed the .py file to allow my desired 280 px, but having that in the options would be nice.

2-Add menu items to allow changing the X and Y of the text. This would alleviate any alignment problems when stretching it longer than the 200px you currently have it locked at.

I simply changed those 2 setting and now have FINALLY found a RSS reader that's worth anything for the screenlet app. - May 04 2008