Dell_Ubuntu (widescreen)

GDM Themes by jfestrada 4 comments

I backed up this archive.

here is the link to download: - Mar 30 2008
Linux CPU

Wallpaper Other by rubasu 9 comments

old school and cool, looks like an old bios chip. any future plans on a newer model? - Feb 22 2008

Wallpaper Other by taner 2 comments

hey how do you set the view like the second preview? - Feb 22 2008
linux bliss

Wallpaper Other by thenazish 5 comments

I personally think that windows is chiche and outdated. It's time for bigger and better, and gnome can do it. Down with the windows clones. - Feb 22 2008

Beaches and Oceans by jesterthejedi 2 comments

Your welcome buddy. - Aug 14 2007