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Johannes Leuschner
Google Calendar Agenda (ownCloud too!)

Plasma 4 Extensions 60 comments

by GDR
Score 82.8%
Feb 28 2013
I had expected that, but it did not disappear after adding my url, i had to restart plasma. - Sep 16 2014
Restarting plasma-desktop made the holidays disappear, i guess they were displayed for demo the first time. Nice plasmoid. - Sep 16 2014
I have german locale settings, but i get displayed polish holidays. Is there a way to either change the country for the plasmoid, or to not show holidays (i would like a checkbox in the config dialog to disable it)? - Sep 16 2014
Sticky Window Snapping

Kwin Scripts 58 comments

by Flupp
Score 86.6%
May 27 2018
I find this script pretty useful, but i would like an option for deciding whether windows should be sticky on borders that are not between the windows.
However this behaviour causes a small bug regarding the maximization state: in case i have two quick tiled windows and shrink one from the bottom, the other one follows, but is still marked as vertically maximized, so i have to middle click the maximize button twice to remaximize it vertically. - Jun 02 2014