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Jim Blaich Shelton, United States of America
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions by jaegerschnitzel 1069 comments

Nice plasmoid.

I do have some comments on the latest.

There's no .deb file for Ubuntu, etc. That would be nice. And there's no 3rd party site that provides one.

Linux today is all about ease of use. It is not about teaching anyone anything. The whole idea of asking someone to compile is akin to asking someone to build their own refrigerator. You just don't do it. This changed a simple double click and a 30 second wait into a day trying to work out why the make and compile process failed right and left.

Ultimately I worked it out, but with lots of searching on the web and just having some faith that I interpreted correctly what people were saying. This whole compile your source option is what holds back Linux. Extreme effort should be made to ensure NO one has to do this, and yes, for free like CWP.

When I went to compile from source the issue was that I found no information on how to compile nor what was necessary to have installed. I tried a few things and installed what seemed necessary and finally it compiled. I did a sudo make install, yet the product never showed up as a choice of plasma widgets. I installed the version from the repository (which had issues with accuweather and then did a sudo make install. I then had to manually copy the .desktop file and the to the proper locations. After that the program came up with a list of providers from the older 0.9.12 version. I couldn't find how to change it. I still had the problem with accuweather and

Finally I read the 1.0.0 release info and it stated that the .xml files found in the .cwp folder overrides those found in the install folder. After putting those into that folder the problem was solved. Except...

Except the issue was with the fact that with accuweather for my zipcode though the 7 day compact layout icons were present the textual data was missing, which made it look cheap. I changed that to That worked.

I'm not trying to be over critical but really, to take a 30 second install and make it over a day's problem solving trek was not a positive thing and it should never happen. You might consider putting up the appropriate installer files as pre-compiled binaries. - Mar 30 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Though I appreciate your answer it is really a non-answer. Your customers want a pre-compiled binary. By the time you get the process down you'll have it down to a few minutes. Compiling is really a tremendous insult to all computer end-users. If it weren't possible to compile people wouldn't do it and you'd never find any compiled projects under Windows or the Mac. Just because this is Linux it doesn't mean you should saddle us with it. - Aug 21 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Is there a pre-compiled binary for the popular distros? I have absolutely NO desire to compile anything under linux! - Aug 21 2009

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 89 comments

Yes, that recent change took a theme that was near perfect and made it an unhappy one.

You should reconsider reading what I wrote. The punctuation is important. I really only made one point that might not have been the most kind but it was meant to get your attention.

Really, I see people make changes like this for no good reason or changes occur because they have lost control of what they were working on. Your theme has undergone many changes and over a short period of time, for whatever reasons. That is an indicator of something. Sometimes it pays to just start a new version and let us live with the older versions.

On the shutdown dialog I have seen so many theme authors mess this up with oversized or undersized icons which create a distorted look (or even one that is missing, as yours has become).

I am guessing that my points were on target when considering your response. But really, kindness will only get so many things changed--not that I was being unkind.

Don't take that the wrong way. Many people are that way. Just that most programmers have built a thick skin, and in the end--listening and even swallowing hard and taking the harshness of some criticisms is the indication that you are becoming better.

I appreciate the reply. And my comments about the wild animal were a question, not a statement. I think you let the first reply to me set your tone, and that without it you probably wouldn't have said anything other than thank you for your interest. Maybe rereading my comments slowly would help. - Jun 01 2009

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 89 comments

I would appreciate you using a whoa for yourself. My comments were far less biting than yours. I gave him a strong feedback. His recent change deserved it. On the other hand my comments deserved nothing from you. So, please, if you can't be constructive, at least as constructive as I was, please don't comment.

Good Day. - Jun 01 2009

Plasma Themes by jmtodaro 89 comments

I'm here to rebuke you for the latest change. You had this at near perfection. Then you changed the color of the widget desktop and task manager icon (the ones you click to add widgets or control them). On top of that you removed the nice white masked face on the shut down.

Put it back the way it was. There was no need to make that change. It looked outstanding. Now it looks cheap.

Luckily I caught it on some of my other computers and it hasn't affected this desktop, but sheesh man. Can you fix this thing or is it a wild animal out of your control by now? - May 30 2009
SMHI weather plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp 34 comments

I rated it down because there's only one option and that's for the 64bit. I know, i know. Most people are still using 32 bit even when 64bit has been around along time. - Apr 25 2009
Really Slick Screensavers

Screensavers by davidsansome 43 comments

We've moved past compiling from source for the end-user. Please discontinue this practice here. We have to be promoting linux as a friendly OS for users. Compiling from source is just a terrible concept that makes it difficult to gain acceptance. If you can't make a product and make the appropriate packages for each distribution then don't do it. Drop your package in sourceforge and give up the ghost. We need people making software packages that the average person can use. Compiling brings problems, errors, conceited programmers and users. Please just stop. - Feb 04 2009
KMenu Icon for Debian

Icon Sub-Sets by yggdrasil 5 comments

Installing that program and dragging and dropping an icon does nothing but kill the KDE 4.2 panel. - Jan 31 2009
The Greyhound Theme

GTK2 Themes by JohnnyJu 79 comments

I noticed in pidgin that the name at the top (the name of the person I'm chatting with) is black on dark gray (not so dark black). Also, I noticed the progress bar in the copy files dialog is black color on dark so I have to take a focused look just to see how far it has progressed. Also, the lower right hand corner of the windows normally where you'd see something indicating resize (not the mouse pointer) -- you can see it in other dark themes-- you might want to have something there.

I think your choice of icon themes isn't to my tastes. What I am finding is that with these themes we have theme designers actually altering the icon theme choice. As an FYI, I chose mine for a reason. That means that the theme designer would make me happier if they didn't alter my choice. If I'm correct it is possible to create the color portion of the theme, without the need to require any icons (in other words, just forget to reference the icons). Unfortunately I have no knowledge about how to alter these files other than I looked at the theme text file and the gtkrc associated with it.

So, some more things you can pick at to come up with a better solution. - Dec 18 2008
The Greyhound Theme

GTK2 Themes by JohnnyJu 79 comments

Well, dark themes tend to be done by younger kids and newborn adults that focus on how the screen looks when they are 4 inches from it. That hurts their overall color scheme as they must feel that it looks good up close so it should look good farther away.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Dark schemes tend to overdo the dark aspect without contrasting colors. Examples are light gray text on the menus or on white backgrounds. That simply dulls or makes it look faded. It doesn't help with the eye-hand coordination. We don't want to think about what we are clicking on, we just want it to be a semi-visual key as to which to pick.

For instance, even though blue is used they tend to forget that the inverse of blue is yellow and that to put a dark gray or red selector doesn't help at all in determining what we have clicked on. You put white on black or black on white but never gray on white or yellow on white.

This theme tends to cover that though the yellows aren't used as an inverse of blue. Even so, what has been done with it makes the scheme more consistent.

The dark scrollbars does affect the theme negatively. It should be a gray background with a ligher scrollbar, even a blue one would work, though blue doesn't really fit. Even so, a change is necessary to make the scroll bar more visible than it is now.

I think, from my initial review of it that's where this theme stands. In the past week I have looked at so many dark themes that finding one like this is a real pleasure. I can't tell you how many times dark black has been set as the backdrop to some other dark color, making it unusable. - Dec 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by smegma 5 comments

You might not understand this but it isn't appropriate to have dark on dark. You have light on dark, and dark on light. But you don't have dark on dark. We don't sit 6 inches from our screens. Discerning dark at a distance is hard. Dark backgrounds with black font colors is not appropriate. You need yellows, bright white, blues and yellows, and whites and reds in order to get the appropriate color scheme. Yours is just like most of the other dark themes. They have dark on dark. That's like having light gray on bright white. It is washed out (faded). You have to have dark on light and light on dark to make sense...and there are schemes that make sense, such as yellow being the inverse of blue, etc. - Dec 17 2008

GTK2 Themes by MiXa 10 comments

Smooth archs are where it is at. Something block oriented like this means it has a short term life as people tend to gravitate to those that are more interesting and eye-pleasing.

If you can rid us of the blocky nature of this it would be a good theme. - Dec 17 2008
Dream Accurate Tiger

Compiz Themes by quirt33 9 comments

How to install such a theme. I have been using beryl for a long time. Switched to compiz. Use emerald as the decorator. Don't see a way for emerald to load the theme. - Sep 25 2007
Aqualook Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by zammi 19 comments

I can see you are all for the mac OSx look. That's fine. I just have a couple questions. Where did you get the icon for the trash and which file in the icon themes needs replaceing to add that specific icon--since i just can't change the icon properties and switch icons like a normal program?

Also, is there a way to modify some of these beryl emerald themes? Some of them I like alot except the author put them in the wrong spots for my tastes or they made the theme I like too dark or light.

TIA - Jan 02 2007