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Plasma Themes by painkiller101 262 comments

Thank you painkiller 101. Yes it seems that KDE 4.0 does not support installing plasma themes by default. I jumped onto IRC and managed to get some help and to get the theme installed into KDE 4.0.4. It's a hack to do and I suggest others wait for KDE 4.1 to be released. Glassified looks great though! I like it more than the default theme. Thank you. Here is a screenshot:

I understand the black area underneath the systray icons is a KDE issue and not necessarily a bug with the theme. Otherwise it works very well. - Jun 06 2008

Plasma Themes by painkiller101 262 comments

There are no install instructions here. Also when I click the install instructions at the bottom of this page it gives me KDE3 install instructions. I've googled kde 4 theme install instructions and could not find any. I found the themes folder and extraced this .zip file there but still the theme does not show. I tried to browse to the theme file but it does not show as an installable theme. Please advise. - Jun 06 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

I see this is a popular addon for KDE but you provide no description of what it does and how it functions. I see the screenshots but they aren't put into context on the whole desktop. What enhancement(s) does Metabar provide? Why would I want to use it?

Please tell us about Metabar! - Dec 05 2005