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Josip X. Zagreb, Croatia

Screen Recorders by beligum 90 comments

if I click on packages link, and go to SUSE 10.1 it says "COMING..." when, that will be :) - Jul 18 2006
Quanta+ Replacement Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jLisec 2 comments

will try :) - Jul 16 2006
Kde Migration Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by comtux 12 comments

What's the point of switch when your adopting your new system to look like previous? - Jun 20 2006
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

I don't get from where should I install ktrayicon, something for Compiz??? could you be morespecific, please :) - Mar 17 2006
KXDocker with REAL transpancy

Various KDE Stuff by stefano 91 comments

I can't get configure dialog to be show, I'm using Compiz on SUSE 10.0 - Mar 16 2006
Macro Keyboard

Wallpaper Other by tomasvilda 5 comments

Is that Trust's Slimline keyboard? - Mar 15 2006
gambas 2

Developers Apps by gambas 30 comments

I have installed new Gambas 1.9.23 or .25 on my SuSE 10.0, before I deleted SuSE's packages as writes in some readme file, I installed app RPM's correctly, no dependency problems etc. but it isn't working "gambas2" "gambas" commands dont work, when I run /usr/bin/gbx2 I got error: "ERROR: #45: File or directory does not exist" what this means?

BTW: Gambas is so cool, simple, efficient, and exaples are usefoll too :) - Feb 27 2006
YaST-Kmenu (Suse iconset) EARLY STAGE

Icon Sub-Sets by peluzza 17 comments

Very nice but I'm not so shure if you should use orange. - Jan 30 2006
I love Linux (several languages)

Wallpaper Other by alexdark 37 comments

"Ja volim Linux" - "I love Linux"
"Svaki dan nas ima sve više" - "every day we are more"

("š" is replacabe with "s")

and could you make 1280x1024 version? - Jan 05 2006
bluemote-k750 (for sonyericssons)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by krionius 23 comments

Could I use my Siemens CX65?,Or this is only for SonyErisccson Mobiles? - Dec 23 2005
Kubuntu Ice

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Arcueid 3 comments

Could you make onother one without logo? - Dec 22 2005
Could you tell me how to make cursor, where to edit them ,how to save them and so on...
(your look very nice) - Dec 18 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments

Really cool improvment, I like It a lot.

But i like more the "grass wallpaper" on second on third screenshoot- where did you get it? - Nov 12 2005
Mockup: Mail Notifier

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by DaBlade 19 comments

Probably you didnt know(I foundout this very recently): Kmail has function to "sitt" in your system tray, and every few minutes(you can set this up)check for new nail, if you get new mail it will show number of new mails in a popup window, ald later number will bew added to systemtrtay so that it will always remind you.

How to make it:
Settings-> Configure Kmail... -> Appearance -> System Tray(Last Tab)-> Check "Enable system tray icon" ->Mode: "Always show kmail icon" - Nov 06 2005
Handwritten icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets by admrl 18 comments

Go to, contact and he will give you free hosting, address like:
and a lot of services - for free!
(only if you have some KDE-related project -- you have)

My icons(omicrOn) are hosted there too, and Nuove XT - Oct 31 2005
DesktopBSD - logout image

Various Stuff by jLisec 3 comments

Thanks, I can make for other distributions, just tell for wich you would like :) - Oct 21 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

really nice :) - Oct 11 2005
KMetabar - (Modified Metabar 0.7)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 171 comments

Its nice (0.7) but on screenshoot there is no sidebar visible and the Kmetabar shark and "Kmetabar" text how? (KDE 3.4.0 b, SuSE9.3) - Oct 07 2005
New home to Home

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 15 comments

Wery excellent, I love idea of putting home or icon of folder you'r in in that place and, putting File... Menu in a title bar is so COOL idea, its space consuming and handy, and yet better its UNIQUE.
I love unique thing and this esspecialy becouse it doesent tryes to copy Win or some other OS.

Im hoping that this comes true :) - Sep 23 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by jLisec 10 comments

Thak you wery much for your comment.
As you prepose there is new screenshoot.

About that shadow, It's my mistake that icon of txt file (its an older icon I have accidently upload it, there is new package alreday awaiable :) with few new icons), so that icon had an "shadow" but new (all other) icons(mimetypes) have a tiny shadows at bottom.

Your next question was about "encrypted" icon, I suppose that you gessed that is an safe (I'm not sure that I spelled it OK), and it represents an encrypted file, that means that you dont want that anyone besides you knows whats in, so its ony a box :)

Thank you very much for your comment :) - Sep 16 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by jLisec 10 comments

Thank you for your critics, but could you be more "detailed", wich icons are (by your opinion) roughed (some/all-wich?), could you tell me. - Sep 14 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by jLisec 10 comments

My mother tounge is not english so I think that I get what you think, and I'm working on icons as fast and as good I can, but besides makin icons I go to school (im 14) so it's a bit slow :) - Sep 12 2005
My KDE 3.5 Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by neptune3k 18 comments

Very nice! - Sep 06 2005

Wallpapers BSD by jLisec 3 comments

Thanks - Sep 02 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by jLisec 10 comments

is there any problem with the package or is something else, because I downloaded package and icons are there.

:) - Aug 21 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jLisec 3 comments

Yes it is nice because all (almost) users try to make their kicker/kbfx look like XP or Mac OS, but I don't like that, I just want to have a perfect Linux desktop. - Aug 16 2005
Free As Bird

Cliparts by jLisec 3 comments

It should be Tux "baby" within a BIRD. - Aug 13 2005
(easy to install) KonquiSidebar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dcpark 15 comments

True broken link. Work this out SOON! - Aug 08 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments

After doing installation (configure, make, make install), copying xp.png and others to /usr/share/icons/crystalsv/22x22/
NOTE: Underlined addres does not exist, so i needed to make it is that ok? ANd then there is nothing, i don't see kbfx, i downloaded, I'm using SuSE 9.3. - Aug 08 2005