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Jakub Misak

Utilities by axllent 8 comments

Bitrate is bitrate. Bits per second. It doesn't matter if it's bitrate for DivX, XviD, FFmpeg MPEG-4 or other codecs. They're all MPEG-4 codecs. That's also why the name of the application is a bit misleading (for example, DivX is not available for Linux anymore, Linux users mostly use FFmpeg MPEG-4 or XviD for MPEG-4 encoding). - Mar 20 2005

Music Production by glaurent 13 comments

Rosegarden looks very nice and promising from the screenshots, unfortunately it's incredibly slow, and also crashes a lot (it just can't load some MIDI files).

It's sad that I haven't found a useable MIDI editor for Linux yet, but I hope Rosegarden and some other programs could fill the huge gap of missing *useable* Linux music/audio apps when they mature, in a couple of years... There's some potential. - Jan 10 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ceebx 233 comments

Thanks for your Plastik theme, it's the best KDE theme I've seen so far.

Could you please add the same kind of highlighting like for buttons also for tabs? That could make the tabs an easier target (the highlighting makes things really easier to use), and also better looking and more consistent with the rest IMO.

It would be also nice if the scrollbar had some "pressed" state, like some other themes have, or maybe just some sort of highlight. And the scrollbar width could be configurable, as it tends to be a bit thin on higher resolutions (especially the combobox down arrow can be quite difficult to click at, it's too narrow for me). - Oct 18 2003