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Jeremy Todaro Wentzville, MO, United States of America

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Apr 09 2010
It is not intended for the text to be blurred in the active tab, nor black clock text. Would you mind providing the version number of KDE you are using? To find out, click "help" then "about kde" in any kde application. - Jul 05 2009
Hmmm, that is definitely not the intended behavior. Which version number of KDE are you using? You can find out by clicking "help" then "about kde" in any kde application. - Jul 05 2009
Thanks! I agree about the tooltip, and will include an updated version with the next release. - Jul 05 2009
Thank you so much! =) - Jul 05 2009
Thank you for the kind words! I am currently working to implement easier color change ability, so as to make it easier to release in multiple colors. It will also allow for a user to apply their own custom color by modifying the "colors" file included with the theme.

And of course you have my permission to include the Tragedy style with your karamba monitor! =) - Jul 05 2009
Well, there is a way to inherit the color of the "window background" for widgets, similar to "Aya". This means if you wanted the widgets to have green hints, your KDE window background would be green as well, which is not ideal.

What I am working on now, is to have the elements inherit color, but it will inherit the "window background" color from the color file included with the theme, so as not to affect the user's main color scheme. This will make it much easier for me to create variants, as well as for users to create their own custom color by editing a line of text. Due to some limitations of this feature, the analog clock colors will be slightly modified, but it still looks good. =) - Jul 05 2009
Thanks! I agree a ghostly green would look very cool.

If there is enough interest (and I have enough time), I am considering creating a few color variants of this theme. =) - Jul 04 2009
I'm glad you like it! The font used on my system is standard "Sans Serif". - Jul 04 2009
Thank you & thanks for pointing this out!

After looking at the default extender & dragger artwork used, I cannot tell which element is responsible for this behavior. I suspect it could be an issue with the way plasma is handling draggers but I am unsure at this time.

I have noticed that this only happens when the widgets are unlocked and extenders are minimized in the manner you described. If extenders are minimized by clicking the icon to the left, no corruption occurs.

If I can find a solution, I will be sure to include it in a future update. Thanks! - Jul 04 2009
Thanks! Actually the battery graphic was originally created for "Tragedy" and I reused it out of laziness =) I might possibly create an new one for "Ghost" in the future. - Jul 04 2009
Luna.svgz Yellow (Full Vector)

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Jun 23 2009
No problem! I'm glad you like it! =) - Jun 25 2009
Luna.svgz (Full Vector)

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Jun 23 2009
Thanks again! I couldn't have done it without you! =) - Jun 25 2009

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Mar 13 2010
Thank you for the kind words! I will certainly try to! =) - Jun 25 2009
Just in case you are serious, check this link for more information on working with Plasma themes:
Thanks! - Jun 18 2009
Thanks for the spam fail. I needed a laugh. - Jun 18 2009
That is good to hear! I've updated the main description as I'm sure you aren't the only person who has had this problem. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. - Jun 14 2009
My apologies, the first command should read:

rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/tragedy - Jun 14 2009
My apologies, the first command should read:

rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/tragedy - Jun 14 2009
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to reproduce this behavior and the artwork looks fine. I think perhaps it could be related to older files left behind in the theme folder. Please give this a try first to be sure any older files are not lingering behind.

Switch to another theme besides Tragedy

Type into a terminal:
rm ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/tragedy

Then simply reinstall the theme and switch back.

If the problem persists:

Switch your theme to anything besides Tragedy

Issue these commands in a terminal to clear the plasma cache:

rm ~/.kde/cache-*/plasma*
rm ~/.kde/cache-*/kpc/plasma*

Restart Plasma and switch back to Tragedy

Please let me know if this does not solve the problem! - Jun 14 2009
Thanks for the compliment! I will look into this problem as soon as possible, likely tomorrow afternoon. =) - Jun 11 2009
So I re-read your previous post (slowly, lawl) and it still comes off as a borderline tantrum "Waahhh I don't like these particular changes!". And more insinuations this time I see. I'll have you know that I didn't see Logscon's post until after I posted my reply. He was right on the money btw, and if you find his reply more biting than your comment, then it must be because it hits home.

Perhaps you should consider re-reading my reply, as well as previous replies I've made to earlier posts. If you'll notice, I make a point to address every one of your concerns in detail (far more detail than you offered about your concerns btw). I simply asked that you keep the DEMANDS "Put it back the way it was." and INSINUATIONS "Can you fix this thing or is it a wild animal out of your control by now?" to yourself. I failed to see any "points" being made.

Your tone leaves much to be desired. Just because "Many people are that way." does not mean that it is the right way to be, or that I will put up with your abusive tone. Make no mistake, this is NOT a programming project. This is an artistic endeavor which I decided to make available with the idea of giving back to the community. Suggestions are always welcome, but I really have no interest in your opinions concerning the management of my project. If you don't like the way I do things, then by all means don't use the theme. Good day, sir.

I SAID GOOD DAY. - Jun 01 2009
Hello, thanks for the feedback. I agree the color change wasn't really necessary, but I did so because it actually brought out the network monitor widget text. I didn't realize it affected the "cashew" color as well. I don't think the cashew should inherit ANY color (or even exist, for that matter). However, I will seriously consider changing back to the previous color scheme because of this, since it seems to be forced upon us.

As for the shutdown graphic, I did include the old one as "shutdowndialog-old.svg" and you can get it back simply by renaming it to "shutdowndialog.svg" and removing or renaming the existing one. I wasn't entirely happy with the way the mask looked and I haven't felt like screwing w Blender lately to be honest. With KDE 4.3 (and I thought 4.2) it does not leave a big empty gap where the graphic could be, and I feel it looks better without it until I get the time to adjust the mask model to my liking.

As far as "taming the beast" goes...well it's always under my control. But please keep in mind that this is my very first attempt at creating a theme for plasma, and I am still getting a feel for all of the little quirks involved. Your feedback certainly helps as I simply don't have time to test every different possible setup on my own. Actually I haven't even been using Tragedy much recently, as I've been working on a new theme.

Also remember, What you consider "fixed", someone else may consider "broken" so it is somewhat difficult to keep everyone happy while attempting to improve the theme. I am flattered that you like it enough to feel so strongly about it, but please do keep the demands and insinuations to yourself. I would never intentionally f up the theme, but I'm not afraid to experiment in order to improve it over the long haul. I recommend keeping a backup of the previous version, if it's that big of a deal to you. =) - May 31 2009
Thanks! I admit your change to the lancelot background looks better, and I will incorporate it into a 1.0.1 release at some point. Good idea =)

I think the translucent widgets look good too, but I feel it would work better as a separate theme. I haven't yet decided if I want to take on the project myself.

I think it would be silly to publish (and thus have to maintain) a separate theme with only the background swapped out. It should probably have it's own panel, tasks...possibly modify the original background.svgz colors to fit. I feel it would need a good amount of work to make it something worth publishing on it's own. I figure most linux users should be capable of copying a file in the it gives people something to tweak lol! - May 03 2009
Please disregard that, the clock should display properly now. I upgraded to jaunty, and the problem did indeed manifest itself. =)

Apparently the analog clock widget has a problem displaying svg elements that contain nested groups. I did some ungrouping in the ClockFace element, and it seems to work fine now. Very weird, I'm not sure if that is the intended behavior or what, but that was the cause. - Apr 24 2009
Actually, Patkos, I have been able to reproduce the network monitor thing by resizing the widget. Sorry I didn't think to try that before. I'm working on a fix to hopefully keep the grid from changing colors, and changing the "active text" to white (from orange). The main problem I see is that the widget automatically uses the active text color at 50% transparency (orange ends up looking brown). Almost no color looks good on that background with that much transparency. I'm going to change it to pure white, but it shows up more of a 50% gray which gets kind of lost near the upper part of the background. I have no idea why it affects the color of the grid, but I'm going to look at the artwork and see if I can keep that from happening. Thanks for pointing this out! - Apr 23 2009
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Unfortunately, I am unable to test the battery widget, as my laptop is too crappy to run kde. If you can provide a screenshot maybe I can see what you mean.

Also another option, you can delete or rename the file "battery-oxygen.svgz" inside of the folder ~/.kde/share/apps/desktopthemes/tragedy/widgets/. This will make plasma use the Oxygen default graphics for the battery, which is what it used before. - Apr 23 2009
Since I am unable to reply to the posts concerning the big hand issue with the clock, I am creating a new thread.

I have done all I can to correct the issue you guys are having w the clock. I don't know what the problem could be as I have yet to encounter this issue on my setup. I can't believe it is only my clock doing this, as I seem to have followed the layout rules demonstrated in the default Oxygen clock.svg. Perhaps when I upgrade to Jaunty tonight, it will manifest itself so I can fix it. There will be no further attempts by me to fix it unless this happens.

The only other thing I can suggest would be to remove or rename the .kde folder in your home directory and relog to have kde rebuild it. This is a rather drastic solution as it will erase a lot of your preferences, and there is no guarantee that it will solve the problem. But it might.

@Patkos - the network monitor issue is very strange indeed. The grid should be fully white. My version of the widget doesn't even have the numbers on the side. I am fairly sure that I have not used a brown color anywhere in any of my color schemes. I wish I could help, but I'm not sure this is an issue with my theme but rather Plasma, or the widget itself. Or possibly something is corrupt in the .kde folder. If you can figure it out, please let me know! - Apr 23 2009
Installation instructions are now here =) - - Apr 23 2009
Cool! Thank you! My laptop is too old to run kde. =) - Apr 19 2009
What linux distro & version of kde are you using?

I'll work on a battery graphic and try to include it in the next update =) - Apr 16 2009
I've attempted a fix. I scaled the clock face and glass up to 300px. It seems to view the same on my setup, but hopefully fixes the problem on yours =) - Apr 15 2009
I did some research and all I could find is this link in which the clock hands getting big is mentioned I figure it could be related. Maybe try this. Set your theme to Oxygen default, relog, then apply Tragedy. Let me know if this helps at all. - Apr 14 2009
Hmmm that is weird. I have a feeling it may be a bug, or a bug was fixed. I'm curious how many others have this problem.

See, the artwork is (and always has been) designed more like the way yours are showing up. When I created it, it was necessary to lengthen the hands to get them to show up the right way on my setup. I'm using Kubuntu 8.10 with the Neon build (4.2.2) Very odd, I will look into it this week and see if I can figure out the problem.

I'll try to fix the lancelot thing too. I must have overlooked it because I use a black oriented KDE color scheme Zvon Black =) - Apr 14 2009
Thanks! I did end up replacing them tho. I decided I want to keep color to a minimum. I've included the green dots, but you will need to rename bar_meter_horizontal002.svgz to use. I may use them down the road when I make a colorized version of Tragedy. - Apr 12 2009
Thanks! I'm unsure about the clock thing. I like both of them. I'm considering switching back to the last version as default, but including this one for folks who need something a bit more functional. I wish it was easier to switch between clock graphics instead of having to rename files =) I will be sure to include the old one next update (probably this evening sometime), but I haven't decided if I will make it the default. - Apr 12 2009
I'm not sure I am entirely happy with it either. Personally I think they look cool, but agree it may be out of place in this particular theme. I don't think I like the config-icons either, and will probably address those as well.

Tragedy 0.7 did not include a hdd meter graphic, It simply used the default Oxygen graphic. To get it back you can delete or rename the bar_meter_horizontal.svgz usually located in ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/tragedy/widgets.

I am thinking of trying them similar to the LCD readout on the analog meter (used for temperature), no dots, but a black bar graphic similar to the Oxygen style. I am just thinking out loud...this is not guaranteed to happen! I intend to include an original graphic, but yeah, maybe not this one =) - Apr 12 2009
I'm sorry to hear that! If you tell me what you don't like, it will help to improve the theme. Just saying it is terrible really doesn't help...just hurts my feelings. ;) Is it too much color? The clock changes? Please be more specific! - Apr 12 2009
Thanks for pointing this out! I will try have a fix in place tonight. - Apr 11 2009
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Lancelot really sucked to theme out, but I like the way it looks for the most part. I like your idea for the pop-up buttons, scrollbar buttons, and it will probably be added this cycle if I like the way it looks.

Shutdown will be implemented by 1.0. V1.0 will be a complete theme. If it's missing something in the's because I haven't got to it yet. Please have patience, my friend!

The analog clock was made more with looks in mind than functionality. I plan to give it a bit more attention, and I will keep your suggestion in mind. In the meantime, it's a trivial matter to copy over a clock graphic that is more suitable for your setup. I feel the same way about the translucent background. I'll be honest, odds are I will move on to an entirely different project once Tragedy hits 1.0, so if you are waiting on me to create a translucent could be a very long wait. You certainly have my blessings if you wish to take it upon yourself. =)

Once again, thank you for your feedback and suggestions! They are always welcome! - Apr 08 2009
Hi! Plasma theme management can easily be done in KDE 4 by right clicking the desktop and choosing "appearance settings". There is an option to choose preinstalled desktop themes from a dropdown menu. Click the "New Themes" button to automatically download and install themes directly from! =) - Apr 05 2009
Thank you for your feedback! I will look into a fix for the panel & tasks resize issue. Lancealot support will be ready by 1.0, but dialogs & tray are next on the list.

I do like the idea of a complete theme based on the translucentbackground.svg, I might give it a shot once Tragedy is a bit more complete. =) - Mar 27 2009

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May 31 2010
I believe I have solved the DefaultSize issue. Please see my comment on the jstetrisJava (for KDE 4.3) page. - Jun 18 2009
Oh and it's not the ".plasmoid" part that needs is the first part "jstetris.plasmoid" without all the numbers at the beginning. - Jun 17 2009
This might be a long shot, but I installed from Plasma's "Add widget" dialog.

At the bottom choose "install from local file". When the file chooser appears, find the *.plasmoid and click it just once. It will appear that nothing happens, but close the file chooser and wait a few seconds, and it should show up in the list of widgets.

Not very intuitive, but it typically has worked for me with plasmoids that plasmapkg has problems with. Don't ask me why lol.

Your mileage may vary. =) Good luck! - Jun 17 2009
No problem, here is a screenshot to help clear things up! =) The default size issue affects JstetrisJava. JstetrisNoPY opens at the proper size. - Jun 17 2009
Hi! I can confirm JstetrisNoPY and JstetrisJava both seem to be working with my install of 4.3 beta 2 (Kubuntu Jaunty backport). However, JstetrisJava opens at a small size and needs to be enlarged manually. Upon inital install of NoPy, I had crashing Plasma-desktop issue, but upon rebuild of ~/.kde/ and ~/.qt/ everything is working fine.

I would only suggest making the left edge more visible as I have a hard time telling where it is without sliding the piece all the way over. I also seemed to get a ton of repeats in a row at times (5+) but I suppose this could be intended behavior. Resizeability would be a nice feature too, but I'm sure that it is easier said than done =)

Keep up the good work! - Jun 17 2009
luna.svgz (full SVG image)

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Jun 07 2009
Hi! You may be able to use a radial gradient to get the effect you are looking for. If you open the edit gradient dialog in inkscape, you can add a stop and drag it out towards the edge. I've created a quick example here: If this isn't to your liking, then yeah, png is the way to go =) - Jun 01 2009
Tragedy 1280x1024

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May 03 2009
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Actually, I created this scene with Blender. Although I did use the Gimp to adjust the brightness/contrast to my liking! =) - May 10 2009

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Jul 15 2011
You offer very few suggestions for improvement. And these are probably not improvements that would require a whole team of people. If your problem is that it is just one person working on it, then you are weird. I mean really, are you suggesting they stop working on their personal project because it isn't up to your standards? I, too, fail to see the purpose of your comments. Unless you are just trying to be mean. - Apr 16 2009
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Nov 21 2010

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Sep 06 2010
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Aug 14 2009
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Jun 07 2009
luna.svgz (full SVG image)

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Jun 02 2009

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May 08 2009
Luna enhanced

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