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Joachim Eibl
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Sep 03 2011
On my machine I don't notice the slowdown you seem to experience. How fast is your machine?
Joachim - May 27 2006
For the moment there is no support, but I have plans for supporting normal unified diff on my todo list. Possibly this will also work for bzr diff.
Joachim - May 27 2006
No, applying patches is not possible in the current version. - Nov 20 2005
Thanks for the patch. Should be fixed in KDiff3-0.9.86.
Joachim - Jun 14 2004
Although not as intuitive as editing the text directly in the diff-window you can achieve a similar result by either first selecting "Merge->Choose [A|B|C] Everywhere" and then changing the one thing you want to change, or doing your changes first and then selecting "Merge->Choose [A|B|C] For All Unsolved Conflicts".

Joachim - Mar 24 2004
I agree, it would be nice to compare other filetypes, but currently it's not my focus and I think it's a huge thing to implement. Support for other file-types might eventually extend to binary files (hex-view), text-documents (doc/html/xls/ppt/pdf), graphics (gif/jpg/svg), audio, video and so on. The first problem is to find ways to highlight differences specific for the filetype. The second problem is to integrate everything in one program (plugin-system?). Another aspect would be merging and hence writing all these formats to disk. Enough possibilities for many developers.

Joachim - Jan 25 2004
Now I understand. I will investigate to see what I can do. But it will take some time.
Joachim - Jan 11 2004
Currently you can view *.patch-files for single files in Konquerer via context-menu "Preview with KDiff3Part". But patch-files must be in unified format and one of the two files mentioned in the patch-file must be available. I consider to allow this for directory-patch-files too, but that will be much more effort.

Is this what you meant?

Joachim - Jan 11 2004
I hope it's acceptable now. - Jan 06 2004
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Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

by Yama
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Jun 21 2004
Yes, that works for all files. For directories I now found that "inode/directory" is also required:


Thanks again,
Joachim - Jun 22 2004
Hi Yama,
I was already looking for a way to achieve this. Do you perhaps know how to get this menu-entry for directories too? Or how to allow all files, because some text-files are not recognized as such. (e.g. "*~"-bak-files)
Joachim - Jun 21 2004