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Jan 22 2013
Mind you, I didn't try a bunch of themes. But of the 4 or 5 which I did try, yours was the only one which triggered the crash. - Mar 28 2012
Just an FYI:

When using your theme, Epiphany 3.3.x crashed reliably when entering an address or search term. I filed a bug against Gtk+ [1] and a Gtk+ dev provided a fix which solves the issue. But this all happened after 3.4.0 tarballs went out the door. Dunno if you can find an aesthetically-pleasing hackaround for your theme or not.

[1] - Mar 27 2012
DeLorean_Noir Theme

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Mar 26 2012
I totally dig this theme -- in and of itself, and especially because I happen to be wicked light-sensitive. Thanks for doing it! It will be nice not to have to wear sunglasses indoors. ;)

A couple of nits:

  • Menu bar menu items were almost invisible to me. Fixed (to my liking) by using color: @fg_color rather than background color. Dunno if that will have a side effect somewhere or not. So far so good.

  • The title bar is blue. Didn't have time to look into why and "fixed" it by using Blapple as strictly my window theme and your theme for everything else.

  • My environment, unfortunately, is unstable GNOME 3.3.x (a combination of F18/rawhide and stuff built from master, including Gtk+ 3) so this all could just be my box. /me shrugs

    Anyhoo... Thank you again VERY much! - Mar 18 2012

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    by nale12

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    Mar 27 2012
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    Mar 18 2012
    Score 80.6%
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