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Joe Baldwin
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Tavia (browser)

Browser 18 comments

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Mar 09 2004
And I love it!

It's a lot like Opera, just faster and nicer in general, plus it's KHTML :)

Great job, you amazing, amazing person :) - Mar 15 2004
Include source code for us Gentooers!

Really annoying when people only post RPMS...and this looks *so damn cool*... - Mar 15 2004
Universal Kopete

Chat & Messenging 18 comments

by epoch
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Jan 23 2004
To use Samba networks, just type smb:/ into the Konqi address bar (only one slash) and let rip.

Works for me :) - Mar 15 2004
"Run As Root" for Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 50 comments

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Jun 13 2004
You're my saviour, my own personal Jesus Christ...this is exactly what KDE needs! - Mar 15 2004
Minimalist Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 15 comments

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Feb 17 2004
The alternative would look staid. This is meant to be colourful and lively, yet minimalistic. - Feb 17 2004
I sorta like the cross on the trashcan. If it wasn't there, it would look slightly *too* minimalistic. I think the two states are sufficiently different to keep them as they are.

As for the pr0n folder...considering the icon, I was thinking of calling it something like firewall or anti-virus... :D - Feb 17 2004
Why are Reinhardt better? I'm trying to improve them, here :) - Feb 17 2004
In the next version, the folders are blue with dark blue outline. Sound crap, look great. The home folder is still beige though, but it too has a dark border. - Feb 17 2004
Yeah, I saw Reinhardt. Thought it was a bit too minimalist, a bit washed out to be honest. I'm trying to be quite colourful while still minimal. - Feb 17 2004