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Johan Johan Mí¸ller Borgstrí¸m

Icon Sub-Sets by lordcrow 38 comments

Very nice icons - soft without being too cartoonish and lovely colourfull too!
Thanks alot to you and your friend for this nice set of icons :-) - Mar 24 2006
Linux Ninja

Wallpaper Other by polizist105 3 comments

Why sure :-)
How about a few sushi rolls with msn-butterfly pattern?

Nice little tux - probably gonna be "wictim" of a few variations ;-)

Johanfys - Mar 19 2006
kazimierz dolny noca

Wallpaper Other by myszak 11 comments

Nice! Lots of atmosphere - U have my vote :-) - Mar 19 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

Thank you!
That will come in handy for a joke I'm gonna pull on a friend. Boy will He be surprised when he discovers the truth about my OS (probably will take him a few minutes to realize he's not working in windoze). - Mar 19 2006

Wallpaper Other by minahd 4 comments

Oh... Well no matter how U came up with it I like it. Keep up the good work, we all benefit :-) - Nov 25 2004
Misty Trees

Nature by who 4 comments

Nice work!
Some of the links dont work tough :-(
Would really like the original shot. - Oct 20 2004
Cosmic Flight

Wallpaper Other by RealmLord 3 comments

Very nice! But it would be better with a more subtle logo. In my oppinion it's a bit like a Nike T-shirt with a large "just do it" on the chest, a bit too much.
Exept from that, I like :-) - Oct 20 2004

Wallpaper Other by minahd 4 comments

Hmm... Well. I like it. Where does the pattern come from? :-)
Looks like something you might find on some religious building, then again you might have made the design yourself. - Oct 20 2004