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Johann Ollivier Lapeyre Brest, France
Computer Icon and Firefox

Cliparts by EnNe 22 comments

This is nice. Maybe you could contact kde-artists (mailing list), we have a lot of work to do for KDE4 (icons, style, games...).

You can use mailing list or IRC #kde-artists on freenode - Nov 16 2006

Kopete Styles by Johann 4 comments

Nice one, I really would like to have kopete .12 to test it (it's not available yet for Fedora Core)!

Thanks, i hope someone'll package it soon.

It is ultianimated
But i thinks it is too big, and slow down my computer.

This one is enought i think: - Jun 11 2006
Vally8's Firefox Theme for Kopete 0.12

Kopete Styles by vally8 8 comments

The name Kid-fox is good (or maybe girl-fox, private joke).

This theme won't be buddled with kopete 0.12 because Kopete is using the nice Khtml/Konqueror, and not the (nice too) Gecko/Firefox engine.

But i know Vally8 is making an other girl-style for kopete svn this time ;D

This time, there are only 4 styles in svn, so if you want submit a style or need help to make one, ask me on IRC (#kopete on freenode server) or on my email/msn/gTalk: johann.ollivierlapeyre at - Jan 05 2006