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Jonathan Kirkpatrick , Canada
Cable Driven Bike

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I forgot to mention the whole point of my bike in the description. When pedaling a bike, the amount of force you can exert is less than or equal to your body weight, and even then it's only fully realized when the direction of force is tangent to the crank and passing through your hips. On this bike you lay on the seat with your legs behind you clipped to pedals on a carriage running the length of the bar extending rearward from the seat. The carriage is linked by cables and pulleys to the rear hub, which contains the real heart of my idea. I purposely obscured the rear hub a bit, because I haven't built a prototype, and I don't want everyone to see exactly how it works yet. This setup should allow far greater force to be applied to the drive system resulting in a significant increase in speed. One other happy side-effect is that laying prone on the bike should lower the drag coefficient considerably. One last thing, I named it concerto 'cause I consider it a stringed instrument.

Hope that explains the bike a bit.


Johnny - Jul 11 2006

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First off this is a good looking theme. Problem is, my noobness won't let me set up a frame to monitor my swap partition. I managed to copy the script for the hard disc and make the changes so that I can see the usage on my other partitions. I guess what I'm wondering, is what to call my swap partition so I can see its usage. - May 13 2006