Stoner Skull 2

Wallpaper Other by ZombieRobot 2 comments

Gives a whole new meaning to stoned to the bone! - Jul 12 2009
Gun Metal

Fonts by zafar88 3 comments

Man you should change your host, just want the font NOT all the other crap ! pop-ups and virus scans! WTF! - Jul 11 2009
Azenis Icons

Full Icon Themes by jameshardy88 126 comments

I really don't like many of the icon sets, very few are modern and well thought out, but this one is a keeper very nice work! - Jul 10 2009
Oversword Dark

GTK2 Themes by Oversword 54 comments

Very very nice ! One of the best ! goes great with ULTIMATE EDITION 2.2 ! IT'S A KEEPER ! - Jul 09 2009
Marjorie Chica polar 2008

GDM Themes by thevirussx 7 comments

cool pic I would love to be that microphone! But if I was I would like to have my cable plugged in!! lol - Jul 09 2009
Gaby on the Bus

GDM Themes by thevirussx 2 comments

HEY! Where can I get a ticket for that bus!? ALL-A-BOARD !!! - Jul 09 2009
karaien emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by karaien 1 comment

Really nice ! I also downloaded the GDM and grabed the background for wallpaper and a Usplash oh and a splash screen !
A total karaien look! great work!
- Jul 07 2009

GDM Themes by karaien 4 comments

WOW ! That's different! very good! - Jul 07 2009
Simple Clean Wall

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 8 comments

WOW ! real nice work! I have it on my screen and in my collection ! really nice! - Jul 05 2009
UltimateXubuntu Remix

Cliparts by juanmamp 2 comments

The original art work can be found at under logos 2nd page. - Jul 05 2009
Ultimate Xubuntu

Cliparts by juanmamp 2 comments

I like the colour! I use this logo myself,I believe the original logo was done by krig and can be found at under ubuntu logos - Jul 05 2009
home sweet home...

Wallpaper Other by fantisafantos 1 comment

really cool ! artsy ! very nice and original ! It should be hanging on a wall in a frame ! nice work! - Jul 05 2009

System Sounds by johnnyg 4 comments

Hey thanks,I saw you left a comment on my other post, but I had to delete it ,it was coming up with a 404 error, and I cant figure it out!
Thanks again ! - Jul 04 2009

Wallpaper Other by archaikus 7 comments

A GREAT piece, and I will be proud to display it! just as I am proud and honored to be an AMERICAN ! yes she does have her faults this is true ! but with out her ; this world crumble and fall! for she is the back bone and muscle of the entire world!MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA ! and all the people of the world!.........
and most of all the innocent souls that lost there lives that fateful day!
NEVER EVER FORGET!!! - Jun 29 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 2 comments

Hey thanks for your enthusiasm ! I really appreciate It ! This (as well as a lot of other works on this and other sites)is a result of many hours of learning how to use "GIMP" an open-source graphics tool;which you might already have on your system!if not it is free to download,just google gimp!its really a lot of fun to work with, and even if you don't know how to use it,its fun to experiment with!
Thanks again - Jun 26 2009
Blond Woman

GDM Themes by rass 5 comments

HEY! THATS MY WIFE! :) - Jun 25 2009
new ubuntu logo ?

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 8 comments

Golden XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 26 comments

I really love your work very original,I downloaded xgolden after seeing you also did xsilver (which is ultimate editions default pointer, great choice by theemahn!),but they are not the same,maybe you could update xgolden to be more like xsilver,adjustable,rolling pointer,easier insatll and such,just a thought,still great job !!! - Jun 21 2009

Wallpaper Other by Yogarabato 3 comments

LOL! - Jun 21 2009
Albastru infinit

Wallpaper Other by fwxyz 5 comments

very nice looks almost 3d on my screen,very rich and deep ! kudos - Jun 19 2009

Full Icon Themes by mentalrey 183 comments

Hi great job very modern look !far better than most sets !(My opinion)I love the realistic look ! NOW ! I ask for the imposable, any chance of porting this to ubuntu in a deb package? =) - Jun 19 2009
Ubuntu black ice

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 5 comments

As you wish ! you will find it in 1280x1024 just for you but for all to enjoy ! BTW,I did not come up with this concept it is a re-master of another's art work;I believe it was Theemahn the creator of Ultimate edition or one of his people.but thanks for your interest!enjoy - Jun 19 2009
Music Wall

Wallpaper Other by ubuntuwin 1 comment

I don't like being jacked around !and taken to a site that wont let you get what you came for ! in English or not! - Jun 18 2009

Wallpaper Other by johnnyg 4 comments

Thanks for your input,thats what I want to hear,ideas so I know what people like or don't like,thanks again - Jun 18 2009

Wallpaper Other by johnnyg 4 comments

Thanks for your input! - Jun 18 2009
gnome fire

Wallpapers Gnome by xtaticego 2 comments

Roasted tux.......tastes like chicken !.............mmmmmmmmmm..chicken ! - Jun 17 2009
new ubuntu logo ?

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 8 comments

As you wish ! I posted it just for you under 1440x900,but for all to enjoy ! thanks for your interest! - Jun 17 2009
new ubuntu logo ?

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 8 comments

thanks for your comment! - Jun 16 2009
Ubuntu black ice

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 5 comments

Thanks for your support! - Jun 16 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 6 comments

now that you say that , yes it does lol! but still a great piece of work, it isn't mine, I just remastered the art work thanks for comment! - Jun 16 2009