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Jonson jonson , Slovenia

Financial by e-bischoff 41 comments

Could you please add more currencies.

- I have in mind slovenian tolar (now Slovenia have euro, but as every old currency from euro members are listed so it would be nice to be listed slovenian tolar - sometimes I need it).

- and croatian kunas (you know like turist you go to their county so you want to know...)

- and maybe more european not listed for now

Thanks - Dec 21 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by stefano 7 comments

Same with me. Can anybody who knows "programming" make it usefull?
It's a simple and great tool. - Nov 02 2006
Riding With Robots

Karamba & Superkaramba by bdunford 28 comments


You know what would be good:

if you would make theme which shows moon and its position (ful moon, empty moon, etc...) so you could know what position moon stands.
The graphics could be as real moon and its position.
I hope you understood what I mean?

That would be great idea? - Oct 30 2006
Leaf in Creek

Wallpaper Other by phototrek1 1 comment

I like it! Thanks for sharing. - Sep 15 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments


This up link shows aktive and inactive buttons.
Left down you have five (5) icons: previous, play, pause, stop and next.
The video is loaded but stopped, so buttons previous, play and next are active. And buttons stop and pause are inactive.
As you can see the difference is very low to distinct which are active and which are inactive.
(ACTIVE - you can press on it and start action; INACTIVE - you can not press on it because action is not availible)


Hope you understand now.

Anyway, your icons are great. - Sep 14 2006
HD Water Leaf

Wallpaper Other by phototrek1 2 comments

I like pictures of nature. So make them more.

It's nice picture. - Sep 14 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments


I don't know how to put screeunshoot here to show you what I mean? - Sep 13 2006

Wallpaper Other by chscheck 3 comments

It's great picture (beautifull country) but this red thing on the lake.... disturbing the composite...

It's not your fault I know, just comment. - Sep 13 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 155 comments

I like it too. I am using it from now. But there are some problems with icons in kmail and kaffeine. Active icons looks like inactive. You know what I mean?

Great job. Like new pininfarino. - Sep 11 2006

Wallpaper Other by KaczKa 2 comments

I watched all your pictures and I can say they're great. Especially your fotos of nature and some motive (traktor, flame and other...)

Keep good work, I encourage you. - Sep 10 2006
I have a dream!!

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by breadfan 3 comments

political theme... why not

great idea - Sep 10 2006