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J Klassen

Plasma 4 Extensions by melongex 2 comments

hey, I have a patch/pull request I'd like to make to this; do you have the source hosted somewhere? - Apr 13 2015

GTK2 Themes by KEIII 13 comments

gtk-theme-switch2 created a ~/.gtkrc-2.0 that sets the theme, so it's working fine now, and there's no theme errors when I launch any apps. I could investigate more, but it's probably a gnome 3 bug that's been inadvertantly fixed in Ubuntu, in their many patches needed to get Unity to work. - Mar 17 2012

GTK2 Themes by KEIII 13 comments

Yup, I have murrine installed on archlinux, gtk2 version 2.24.10-3. This theme ( does work, except for its scrollbars.

Also, It does work if I use gtk-theme-switch2 instead of gnome-tweak-tool to apply the theme. - Mar 16 2012

GTK2 Themes by KEIII 13 comments

Just changes the size of the scrollbars. I have the engines installed. - Mar 16 2012

Cliparts by meisok 3 comments

no offense, but that's ugly... keep try! - Jul 08 2007

Amarok Themes by camico 7 comments

I modified it a bit by making the background image fixed (not scrolling). If anyone else wants to do this, where it says background in the css, just add the word fixed in there.

Nice work!!! - Jun 25 2007

Wallpaper Other by tomez 2 comments

It would be awesome if you made it Lord of the Rings style and Put the One Ring in the Middle somewhere.

Keep up the good work!!! - Jun 25 2007
Alternate Kubuntu Logo

Cliparts by jordoex 10 comments

I added new versions with the spacing in between straightened and a version with rounded corners, both using the Oxygen Palette. It sucks that there's no round corner tool in inkscape so I had to use a glitch that occurs in dynamic offsetting and then do a ton of scaling. - Jun 17 2007
I'm Myself, Thanks :)

Various Stuff by felipe 7 comments

I know Novell did some videos like that, but they're kinda crappy. Search their site, you'll probably be disappointed - Apr 10 2007