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Jorge Aquino

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

this has baffled me: everytime I try to compile kompose on my laptop, I get an error concerning the lack of libXext.

Now, libXext does exist on my system. But I cannot find any way of getting ./configure to include it.

I consistently get the following error:

checking for libXext... no
configure: error: We need a working libXext to proceed. Since configure
can't find it itself, we stop here assuming that make wouldn't find
them either.

I have searched probably a couple of hundred listservs and googled all over the place looking for some solution to this. But I have found none. I have installed development libraries for xorg, and for qt, but these have not helped.

I am able to compile kompose successfully on my desktop machine (and I love the program).

Can you help?? - Jun 10 2005