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Jori Liesenborgs

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Two years ago, I was looking for a nice latex editor for KDE. I found Kate to be an excellent editor, but the problem was that I still had run all the latex related commands using xterm or konsole (or something similar).

Then, I found Kile and it seemed to be the application I was looking for. Unfortunately, at that time Kile did not use a Kate part as its editor and to be honest, I really didn't like the editor that Kile used.

Then I decided to write a new application: one which would use a Kate part as its editor and which could compile latex documents. Basically, that's what Klat is. I made the 'execute' menu in such a way that the user can easily add his own commands, which makes Klat quite flexible.

I'm sure that Kile has many many more features, but I'm also sure that I don't need most of them. - Jul 08 2004