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Qt Tools 11 comments

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Feb 12 2011
Realmente te aconsejo probarlo sobre Xephyr como se indica en el README:

Antes de utilizarlo como gestor de ventanas por defecto, ya que no es 100% funcional. - Nov 07 2012
Tienes que instalar las dependencias necesarias, en este caso te falta Qt. Seguramente también tendrás que instalar el paquete xorg-dev (si eres usuario de Ubuntu, en otras distros no se como se llamará el paquete) - Nov 04 2012

Yes, you can use it with Razor-Qt, anyway I must say that OpenBox is more functional than EggWM - Feb 11 2012

Plasma 4 Extensions 185 comments

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Aug 29 2011
> Is the searchbox meant to be on a separate page or is
> that a similar problem?

Have the search box in a separate page is the desired functionality, it becomes visible when you begin to type - Nov 06 2012

When you have too many icons a bar appear in the bottom of the plasmoid to allow you to see more pages. Try to adjust the number of icons peer page and their size.

With the fullscreen mode adjust the icon size to adjust the menu size.

To hide the Debian menu make right click in the Takeoff bar icon and edit your menu. - Oct 31 2012
Hi, the project is alive and any help (source code or builds) are wellcome - Sep 04 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Make right click in the Takeoff toolbar icon and select "Edit menu" - Aug 26 2012
Hi! You can edit the /home/your_user/.kde/share/config/takeoffrc file to change the order of the favourites - Aug 25 2012
Hi! In first place thank you very much for your fix. You can send a patch as a correction for this enhancement: - Jul 05 2012

Check this method:

Here is returned the widget that will be the popup window, anyway, I can say that assign the focus is tricky... - Mar 26 2012

Check this issue: - Mar 12 2012

You can try to compile the source code, follow the README instructions: - Jan 28 2012
Try to ask to the packager (probably he can fix the problem) or compile the source code - Nov 11 2011
Pues ni idea :S Prueba a cambiar de tema, a deshabilitar y habilitar de nuevo los efectos de escritorio (Alt+Shift+F12) o a reinicia plasma-desktop ($ killall -9 plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop) y a eliminar del panel y volver a añadir Takeoff. Debería funcionarte al igual que el resto de plasmoides... - Sep 22 2011
Pues la verdad es que no se que decirte, como te he comentado de la transparencia se encarga KWin, yo no hago nada que no hagan el resto de plasmoides :S Si te funciona con el resto de plasmoides debería hacerlo con este...

PD - No tendrás puesta una imagen de fondo no? - Sep 22 2011
Pues es realmente raro, ya que Takeoff no hace nada especial, es un Plasma::PopupApplet estándar y de la transparencia se encarga KWin.

¿También te pasa si no lo poner en modo pantalla completa? - Sep 22 2011
Y si que tienes transparencia en el panel o en otros popup? (como el calendario o los elementos ocultos del tray) - Sep 22 2011
Pr cierto, ¿qué hay que hacer para instalar Takeoff en PCLinuxOS? Me gustaría añadir el comando a ejecutar en la página oficial ;) - Sep 21 2011
En PCLinux no lo he probado, pero en Chakra lo tengo corriendo sin problemas, como puedes ver en las capturas.

¿Tienes habilitados los efectos de escritorio? (Preferencias del sistema -> Efectos del escritorio -> Habilitar los efectos de escritorio) - Sep 21 2011
You only need to add the favorites ;) Make right click in the launchers to add or remove it to favorites (I'm working on import the favorites from Kickoff) - Sep 02 2011
Hi! I use Kubuntu 64 bits too (but not with KDE 4.7) try to download the code and install it. Is very simple, you only need to donwload the current code:

$ svn checkout takeoff-launcher-read-only

Or the 1.0 code if you prefer (but I recommend you the SVN code ;) ) and follow the instructions of the README file. Of course, if you have any problem feel free to ask

Greetings!! - Sep 01 2011
Is very strange, I can use Takeoff marking or not any mode, and no user has reported anything like this.

Can you copy and paste your configuration here please? Placed on ~/.kde/share/config/takeoffrc or ~/.kde4/share/config

Have you got the same problem running Takeoff in plasmoidviewer?
$ plasmoidviewer takeoff
Please, copy and paste here the output

Same problem with and without graphics effects enabled? - Aug 30 2011
Thanks again Sho, get the menu entries using this classes is very very simple :D In one or two days I'll commit to the SVN the new code with this feature - Aug 30 2011
Answered in the Chakra forum ;)

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I'll take it in consideration - Aug 30 2011
Hello @cmost

For me is very difficult test this because... I haven't got two screens :P Anyway, you can try to launch Takeoff in float-window mode (uncheck the "Show Takeoff in full screen mode")

Probably with this option, Takeoff will appear only in one of your two screens, like you can see in the second screenshot <> - Aug 30 2011
Thank you very much, I'll check this and try to change the code :D - Aug 29 2011
Really because I don't know with what library I can parse the menu :P

If you can help me, this change will be very usefull - Aug 29 2011
Ok, no problem ;) - Aug 20 2011
Hi! You can simply do "sudo make uninstall" to remove Takeoff ;) - Aug 20 2011
If you want, you can add the Rusian translation. Copy the translations/plasma_applet_takeoff.pot file to the same folder with the name ru.po. Open the new file with Lokalize and translate it (and if you want send me the file to add it to the project)

Greetings!! - Aug 13 2011
Ok, changed, but in Natty I have libplasma3 intalled - Aug 13 2011
Of course, added ;) Thanks again! - Aug 13 2011
You need to install all dependencies described in the readme file. I think that in Fedora you need this:

yum groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"

For compiler and more - Aug 13 2011
Thank you very much again nowardev, added ;) - Aug 12 2011
Version 0.2 released, now with search option, support for languages and more features, see the changelog and follow Takeoff on Twitter for see the last news and feedback!! - Aug 12 2011
I think that is a cool idea... but I think that this feature is out of the objetive of Takeoff. The "exposé" effect incorpores something like this and I think that this is their place.

Anyway, thank you very much for the idea!! - Aug 11 2011
You can emulate a shortcut with the xsendkeys program, for example, if the Takeoff shortcut is Alt+F1 try this:

$ xsendkeys "Alt_L+F1" - Aug 09 2011
Added for the next version ;) - Aug 09 2011
I never have used this compiz feature, it allows to assign a shortcut?? In this case, right click in Takeoff and assing to it a shortcut. - Aug 08 2011
Ok, thank you very much, added to the downloads list... And waiting to the users for test :P - Aug 06 2011
Sorry for the delay, I added the package to the downloads list.

Thank you! - Aug 06 2011
Now that the support for internationalization is added I think that in one or two weeks ;) - Aug 06 2011
For Natty?? - Aug 06 2011
Hello @csslayer

Please, try to reduce the separation between icons (and/or the icon size). Probably this will solve the problems. - Aug 04 2011

1 - You can use Touchégg ( to make it touch friendly, I'm using it just right now, and I open Takeoff making a pinch with five fingers.
About keyboard, I'm adding this feature now, along with search support.

2 - I haven't got this problem... When takeoff if visible my panel is visible all the time... - Aug 04 2011
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