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Josef Spillner
GGZ KDE Games collection

Various Games by josef80 5 comments


you're missing the 'ggz-config' tool. Look at the output of the 'configure' script to see what else might be missing. You must have libggz and ggz-client-libs installed (both 0.0.11) and install ggz-kde-games into the same prefix.
(ggz-config is part of ggz-client-libs)

Since more and more games use GGZ, the chance of finding it directly on the distro of choice in the future will be higher, but for now sorry for having to compile it by hand :/ - May 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by Quanti 2 comments


I like the sunset photo.
We're going to use it as the default background for the GGZBoard game client (for chess, reversi, checkers and so on). - Dec 05 2004