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youcef koko , Algeria

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Dec 05 2017
Thnx for your response
I don't have problem in QupZilla because its work but i want to build them in my QT creator there are six erreur
1) expected class-name before '{' token
this erreur in spellcheck.h exactly class SpellCheck : public QWebSpellChecker i think dont know QWebSpellChecker

2)erreur : 'GrammarDetail' was not declared in this scope exact void checkGrammarOfString in spellcheck.h

3)erreur : 'SpellChecker' was not declared in this scope exact ext == SpellChecker in qtwebkitplugin.cpp

4)erreur : cannot convert 'SpellCheck*' to 'QObject*' in return exact return new SpellCheck(); in qtwebkitplugin.cpp

and two erreur like erreur 1 and 3 - Mar 02 2013
Trying to build this one on windows 7 but i got that erreur : expected class-name before '{' token
and five erreur more
haw can i fix that - Mar 02 2013