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Jo Willy

Browser by wireframe01 41 comments

v. 0.3 settings/ krawl mode, there is not enough room on the right:

- I see only 1 pixel of the letter "g" in Simple Crawling
- Default crawl depth selection arrows, I see only 1/2 of the up/down buttons
- "Travers out to external links b -> what is after "b" ? I don't see it.

- when I do not enter http:// in the url it says : Malformed URL
- it seems to crawl and download something, but does not save any files to my folder ? Also, I see nothing in crawl statistics... - Dec 14 2004

Browser by wireframe01 41 comments

This app looks very promising.

But it does not work. When I click on start krawling, it starts and after 3 seconds it comes back with done... but didn't do anything...

Also, you need to clean the UI up a little: there is not enough room for some of the widgets in the config dialog, so half of them is cut off, on the main window we should be able to move the middle bar, the help menu is not at the right place, etc...

But this is a KDE app that was needed for long... coming at last !

Thanks ! - Dec 10 2004

System Software by karye 120 comments

This app is great ! Keep the work up ! - Nov 22 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

Strange to see a gentoo app without an ebuild... :-)

Anyway, thanks for this needed tool. - Apr 09 2004