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Network by mkoebele 175 comments

Check the file /etc/

there should be an entry in there pointing to your X libraries such as:


Make sure it points to the right place and if it's not present, add it (find wherever/X11R6/libs on your system).

Save the file and run 'ldconfig' (you'll need to be root to do these things), then try to run ./configure on apollon again.

Don't know if this will help you out but good luck and welcome to Linux. - May 13 2004
LimeWire Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Joz 5 comments

GNOME with AquaLightBlue theme and Aqua-X Sawfish theme in those screenshots. - Apr 13 2002

Wallpaper Other by ramper02 11 comments

I found out about this website on where the description read:

"Are you looking for icons, backgrounds, color schemes, window decorations, system sounds, or entire themes? ("EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop") provides exactly that."

..nothing there or on this website states that art is or should be limited to KDE-based. What is this communistic approach wanting to reject everything thats not KDE-promo from this website? Thats not Open-Source mentality! If it gets out of hand with "junk", wallpapers and whatnot can be sorted into catagories. - Oct 12 2001