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Jesse Perez Fort Collins, United States of America
Karmic X

GTK2 Themes by bababoss 57 comments

I'm currently using this on Karmic and it's staying on here even after the official release is ready. Loving the dark, earthy feel to it. Thanks! :) - Oct 05 2009
Ubuntu Apps Button

Various Gnome Stuff by jperez 3 comments

Simple Steps:

1. Open Terminal
2. Type gconf-editor
3. Go to apps - panel - objects
4. Look for the menu_bar object
5. Find use_custom_icon and enable it
6. Change object_type to menu_object
7. Under custom_icon, type in the location of the PNG file

You're done! The panel menu should look like one button and house the Places and System menu's as well. - Oct 31 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by Maui15 14 comments

As the subject says, please fix the broken link! I want these icons please.

Jesse~ - Aug 29 2006

Gimp Splashes
by luibh

Oct 07 2009