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Jan Petersen , United States of America

SDDM Login Themes by l4k1 5 comments

Really nice design - with one issue.
The password may be revealed as you type it.
This is a serious issue as people looking over your shoulder as you log in, will then know your password.

To resolve, edit file /usr/share/sddm/themes/Sleek/theme.conf
Change line "ForceHideCompletePassword=false" to "ForceHideCompletePassword=true" - Feb 01 2020
WiFi wireless signal strength in panel

Plasma 4 Extensions by raffaele181188 6 comments

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I changed the py scripts a bit to look specifically for my active interface.

I also changed some of the regex. In my laptop, the plasmoid would show
both the essid as well as the access points nick name. I changed the
RegEx to return just the access points name:
self.essid ='ESSID:"(.*?)"', blob).group(1)

I also added the data rate of the connection:
self.speed ='.*Bit Rate[=:](.*?/s)', blob).group(1)

For the icon, the issue is probably my own doing ;-)
I use the Air theme, which has a very light background to the system tray (where I have the pyWiFi plasmoid running). It almost makes the icon disappear against the background. Maybe the antenna should be be shade darker, and radio waves green (sort of like the standard speaker icon). But that's my personal preference - probably not one to meet consensus. ;-) - Dec 12 2010
WiFi wireless signal strength in panel

Plasma 4 Extensions by raffaele181188 6 comments


Excellent plasmoid - exactly what I was looking for. Except for one small issue.
I have two WiFi interfaces in my laptop.
An old build in card, I have disabled the radio on, and a new USB interface that is the active interface.

Trouble is, in /proc/net/wireless the inactive interface is the last listed, and thus the interface monitored by pyWiFi.

If would be excellent to have configuration dialog to set the name of the interface to monitor.

It would also be great to have en option to dim the background a bit of the icon. A mainly white icon against a light grey background is hard to see. - Dec 12 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by notz 8 comments


Great plasmoid - I love it.
It does appear to have a small bug though.
It will not display the stock price for NetGear (NTGR). It just keeps displaying "Waiting for data..."

Here's the output from plasmoidviewer:

plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::StocksEngine: Created StocksEngine instance
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::init: Loaded stocks dataEngine.
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::sourceRequestEvent: name=' "NTGR" '
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::sltNewSource: source = "NTGR"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::updateSourceEvent: GET "/d/quotes.csv?f=snl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv&s=NTGR"
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::paintInterface: Number of Stocks to draw: 1
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::paintInterface: Number of Stocks to draw: 1
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::sltRequestFinished: Got "NTGR" : ""NTGR","NETGEAR, Inc.",11.63,"1/13/2009","12:59pm",+0.05,11.54,11.69,11.42,68011
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 0 : ""NTGR""
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 1 : ""NETGEAR"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 2 : " Inc.""
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 3 : "11.63"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 4 : ""1/13/2009""
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 5 : ""12:59pm""
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 6 : "+0.05"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 7 : "11.54"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 8 : "11.69"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 9 : "11.42"
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: 10 : "68011
OldValue: 1.00, Value: 0.00, Change: 0.00, PercentChange 0.00%
plasmoidviewer(20034) StocksEngine::parseCSVLine: Calling DataEngine::setData for source "NTGR"
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::dataUpdated: source = "NTGR"
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::dataUpdated: Updating Value = 0
plasmoidviewer(20034) Stocks::paintInterface: Number of Stocks to draw: 1

Looks like maybe the "," in the company name is causing the issue? - Jan 13 2009