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Aug 02 2017
Hi ralphl,

Thanks a lot for your comments. Unfortunately, I don't have spare time this summer to work on this theme and make changes. - Jun 11 2017
See here for GitHub: - Oct 06 2016
Hi ralphl,

I'll have a look at it when I'll publish a new version of the theme.

Regards. - Mar 14 2014
> Is it possible to upload to gitorious?

If you're familiar with git, you can clone a repository on Gitorious, commit your changes and propose a merge request.

> Or maybe sending some corrections by email?


Thanks. - Oct 30 2013
Thanks a lot for your message. I'll change this on the next version. Regards. - Oct 20 2013
Thanks a lot. - Feb 21 2013
> This theme is awesome!


About the close button, it's normal. The original Clearlooks theme is like this. See for example the following screenshot (gedit on Ubuntu 11.04 with Clearlooks and GTK 2.24): - Jan 13 2013
You're welcome. - Jan 10 2013
Thanks for your comment. - Nov 13 2012
You're welcome. - Nov 12 2012
Thanks a lot. It's really appreciated. I'll add it in the next stable version. - Nov 02 2012
With Clearlooks-Phenix 3 and GTK 3.6? If you have screenshots and steps to reproduce, it would be helpful. Thanks. - Oct 26 2012
It should be fixed in Clearlooks-Phenix 3.0.1 (released a few minutes ago). Thanks. - Oct 26 2012
Yes. I tested with Clearlooks-Phenix 3 for GTK 3.6, and I don't see bugs. - Oct 24 2012
De rien. - Oct 24 2012
In the new version 3, I rewrote the theme to allow easy creation of color variants, so it will be a lot easier now.

If you are subscribed to my theme, and receive e-mails notifications for new versions, you'll know when some color variants will be included. - Oct 23 2012
Thanks a lot. - Oct 23 2012
Isn't metacity only there for GTK2 compatibility?

I think that Unity-2D uses Metacity. - Jun 30 2012
Finally ! i found a theme for gtk3 that looks like Clearlooks. Verry good job.

Thanks a lot.

1. Do you use a theme editor ? or you have written all the code manually ?

I don't use any theme editor. I copied files of Adwaita, the default Gnome 3 theme, and I manually changed code to obtain what I wanted.

2. I would like to move some of friends to Linux but they are used to Windows so i decided to modify your theme to look more like Luna theme. Till now everything is ok but i do not know how to remove the mouse over icon shadow from Rhythmbox. The icons are play, next, previous ... I see that the background is styled from "Prelit button background" section but i can't remove the image shadow on mouse over. Can you help me ?

I'm not sure if you talk about the ".button:hover" background color or about the kind of icon luminosity change when the cursor moves over. Anyway, I tested both, and I didn't find a way to solve this:

  • about the ".button:hover" background color, I didn't find a way to style it only for Rhythmbox. For example, I can do it for gedit:

    GeditWindow .primary-toolbar .button:hover {
    border-image: none;
    background-image: none;

    but I can't with Rhythmbox. The following doesn't work:

    RBSource .primary-toolbar .button:hover,
    RBSource .button:hover {
    border-image: none;
    background-image: none;

  • about the icon luminosity change when the cursor moves over, it seems to me that it's managed directly by GTK+. I don't know how and if we can set it in a theme. For example, comment all imports in the bottom of the file "gtk.css", then launch any GTK3 application, so there will be no theme applied. Despite that, the luminosity change is still there.
  • - Jun 30 2012
    Thanks for your comment. - Jun 30 2012
    Thanks a lot. :-) - Jun 30 2012
    As evereve wrote, there's an easy way to set the icon label color. See the section "Desktop managed by Nautilus" on the documentation: - Jun 30 2012
    Merci. :-) - Jun 26 2012
    Merci. Je me souviens avoir eu au tout début des problèmes avec les couleurs relatives. Les couleurs ne s'affichaient pas tout à fait comme ce qui était déclaré dans le fichier «gtk.css». Il y avait une légère variation. Je suppose que c'est un bogue qui a été corrigé depuis, car je n'ai plus ce problème. - Jun 10 2012
    Yes, it will be updated. See the report - Jun 10 2012
    Thank you for updating/creating this theme for gnome3.


    I hope you continue making improvements especially for Unity/Ubuntu.

    I don't use Unity, so don't hesitate to make suggestions, because I don't really know what to improve. - Jun 10 2012
    Thanks a lot. :-) - Mar 23 2012
    Thanks a lot. :-) - Mar 23 2012
    I agree. One of the best themes.

    Thanks a lot.

    The first thing I would then like to change is the font color of the desktop icons (from black to white)

    See the README file on the new Clearwaita archive. I added (very simple) instructions about that.

    and the selection box (need to be transparent).

    It's now fixed. You can download the new version of Clearwaita and the selection will be semi-transparent.

    Regards. - Jan 18 2012
    Hi felipec,

    Thanks a lot for your great comment.


    Jean-Philippe - Nov 09 2011

    Oui, mon thème demande sûrement plus de travail. Je l'ai fait assez rapidement, après m'être rendu compte lors de ma migration vers Gnome 3 que Clearlooks n'était pas disponible. J'ai décidé de partager ce que j'avais fait au lieu de le garder pour moi dans mon «/usr/share/themes/» :-).

    Merci pour le lien de #ubuntu-fr-themes, je ne connaissais pas ce salon. Pour l'instant, je n'ai vraiment le temps de retravailler sur le thème, mais si j'ai un peu de temps, ton lien va pouvoir servir.


    Jean-Philippe - Sep 15 2011

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