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Jonathan Porter

Beryl/Emerald Themes by joeca18888 12 comments

Wow... best Beryl theme I've ever seen ;) ...what icon theme are you using? and do you have a recommended GTK theme to go with it for GNOME? - Mar 24 2007
Placentia beach

Beaches and Oceans by aprilrain 2 comments

Wow, I just looked at the name and I was like "Placentia... is that the Placentia I know?" and yeah... my mom's from Placentia... and i live in St. John's. - Feb 19 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by logixoul 10 comments

sorry just one more thing... would you be able to put the colour scheme and gtk theme for gnome-look and xfce-look? (i use xfce... SAM linux)... or would that take too long/too much work? thanks. - Jan 30 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by logixoul 10 comments

I am using Beryl now and I agree that it's better:) ... I can't get that wallpaper though... i don't know what kind of file it is on that site. can you just post the download for it please? thanks. - Jan 30 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by logixoul 10 comments

Can you make a Compiz version to please? - Jan 30 2007
God is with us!

GDM Themes by romans1119 10 comments

you did a very good job - Jan 24 2007
God is with us!

GDM Themes by romans1119 10 comments

what a stupid question... - Jan 24 2007
Gentle Ubuntu

GTK2 Themes by 2jh 6 comments

locked folders (that you don't have permission to edit) (and have padlocks next to them)... the lock is down and to the right of the folder and goes behind the words labelling the folder, making it hard to read the word because its on top of a picture... can you please fix this? (if you know what i mean)
- Jan 06 2007
in firefox and thunderbird and openoffice the menubar font is black on dark blue (it's supposed to be white) and its almost imporssible to read. The theme Ellegance has this same problem. It has a UseChrome.css file that can change the menubar font colour in firefox and thunderbird from black to white. It still doesn't have a fix for openoffice though. - Jan 06 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by Chinook 2 comments

What wallpaper are you using in that screenshot? - Jan 06 2007
Green Toast Guifications Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by Flankk 13 comments

i don't have a ~/.gaim/guifications/themes and what's the gaim guification preferences window? do you need to install any extra plugins or something? - Jan 01 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

Ver nice... where'd you get that wallpaper? (i want it) - Dec 28 2006

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 67 comments

I just downloaded the windows media player 11 theme for VLC media player while using elegance (great theme) and noticed that they are exactly the same, especially the title bars (unmistakably)... im guessing that's what this theme is based on? btw, any idea how to fix the openoffice font thing yet? (i fixed thunderbird the same way as firefox) - Dec 25 2006
Ubuntu Sunset

Wallpapers Ubuntu by digitex 9 comments

can you make a 1280x1024 one please? - Dec 17 2006