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Jesus  Ballesteros Valledupar, Colombia
Trisquel Elementary Theme

GTK2 Themes by Arder 9 comments

Se puede instalar en cualquier distro, yo lo tengo instalado en mi Archlinux sin ningún problema solo debes asegurarte de tener los gtk engines de aurora y murrine, deberían de estar en los repositorios de Fedora, o quizás tengas que compilarlos. Un saludo. - Nov 15 2010

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

Thanks a lot for your answer. I reported a new bug in Take care :D - Oct 11 2010

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

Hello, I was very thankful for this software. It's amazing.

I just want to report a bug (I'm not sure if it's a bug :P).

I enter to mode and I can play for 5 or 6 minutes, I couldn't finish a game, I mean, when I start, my opponent and make 1 or 3 movements and the game gets blocked, I can't move anything else. Is it a problem of Knights or FICS protocol?. I opened the TCP/5000 port in my firewall.

Take care and I liked the game a lot. :D - Oct 08 2010
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

Hello, I'd like to tell you thanks to share you work with us. I was looking for a Browser like Chromium for KDE and this is perfect. You're working very fast and the browser has a lot of things that I want. Thank you very much.

I just have one problem. When I try to save one file I can't do it. The browser opens the windows but when I press save button the file is not stored in my hard disk :D.

If you create a new website I'd be pleasant to try the software and report bugs. Take care and thank you very much again :D - Jun 03 2010

Wallpaper Other by shprotyna 1 comment

I love this wallpaper, I just need to change the color without changing the wallpaper. - May 30 2010