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United GNOME

GTK3 Themes 180 comments

Score 78.9%
Nov 22 2017
Extract the contents of United-Latest.tar.xz to your Downloads folder. You'll see the folder United-Ubuntu. The theme folders are in there. Move those into the .themes folder in your Home directory. If you don't see your .themes folder, Ctrl-H to see hidden files. - May 12 2017
Really nice. The Fedora version still has an orange corner ripple though. - May 10 2017
Arc Grey

GTK3 Themes 9 comments

by eti_
Score 70.0%
Jul 01 2016
Very nice. Thank You. - Aug 01 2016

GTK3 Themes 63 comments

Score 73.4%
Aug 10 2015
Love Libra Dark. Legacy Tray support is missing though. I added this to the gnome-shell.css file.

.legacy-tray {
background-color: #272727;
border: 0px solid #616161;
border-bottom-width: 0;
box-shadow: inset 0 1px 0 0 #616161; }
.legacy-tray:ltr {
border-radius: 0 0px 0 0;
border-left-width: 0; }
.legacy-tray:rtl {
border-radius: 0px 0 0 0;
border-right-width: 0; }

.legacy-tray-icon {
padding: 6px; }
.legacy-tray-handle StIcon,
.legacy-tray-icon StIcon {
icon-size: 16px; }
.legacy-tray-handle:focus {
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.0); }
.legacy-tray-icon:focus {
background-color: #3cb0fd; }

.legacy-tray-icon-box {
spacing: 12px; }
.legacy-tray-icon-box:ltr {
padding-left: 12px; }
.legacy-tray-icon-box:rtl {
padding-right: 12px; }
.legacy-tray-icon-box StButton {
width: 24px;
height: 24px; }
- Dec 22 2015

GTK3 Themes 10 comments

by amitg
Score 76.0%
Dec 12 2013
Works well. Thanks. No damage to other apps I've checked so far. This also applies to evolve-darker as I'm sure you know. - Dec 12 2013
In synaptic package manager's toolbar, quick filter is gray as is the area to the right of search. Also gray, is the far left edge of the toolbar. Can these be fixed or is this a gtk2 issue? Nice mod otherwise. - Dec 10 2013
MyHumanity Mono and Light

Icon Sub-Sets 51 comments

Score 78.8%
May 14 2013
Installed through noobslab ppa which fixed the issue. - Apr 03 2013
Forgot to mention...this is on Ubuntu v13.04. - Apr 03 2013
Just tried this latest version Mar.31st'13...Files icon is appearing in place of the 'Show Desktop' and 'Trash' icons on Unity's Launcher. - Apr 03 2013
Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Extensions 59 comments

Score 82.0%
May 08 2012
I'm looking forward to csslayer's next release for a more sophisticated fix, but for those impatient and don't want the persistent "No running apps" w/the generic icon, here's a somewhat rudimentary hack to clear the title & icon when no window is open. It removes the number of running apps info altogether. Replace lines 259-280 in yawc.cpp in the src folder and recompile.

toolTipData.setSubText(i18n("Click here to have an overview of all the open windows"));

if (applicationActive && m_pendingActiveWindow > 0) {
m_activeWindow = 0;
/*const int activeWindows = qMax(0, windowsCount()-1);
if (activeWindows) {
m_toolTipText = i18np("%1 running app", "%1 running apps", activeWindows);
} else {*/
m_toolTipText = i18n("");



- May 09 2012
Hi...Thx for this. Been using since v0.2. Couple bugs: Window Title Width always reverts back to 15% when settings are opened. Also, the number of "running apps" doesn't update when a window is closed in the overview and also when the last window is closed. I don't know QT so i don't know if there is some sort of OnCloseWindow statement that can used to update the number. Also, technically, it counts opened windows, not apps, since only 1 app may be running with several windows open. It should read something like: "3 windows open" or "2 windows present". RFE: There's no need for "No running apps/windows". If possible, clear the title and icon if no window is open. Thanks again for your time & work. - May 08 2012
Score 78.9%
9   May 12 2017

Plasma Themes
by mcder

Score 76.7%
9   May 30 2012