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Jaime Jaime Soffer

Graphic Apps by jsoffer 5 comments

0.2.6 is probably the last version of the program as it exists right now. It simply won't scale anymore.

I'm currently working on rewriting everything except the core to make it more engineerable: it will use designer .ui files and have a more flexible architecture based on boost.python (thanks to the Kig authors for lots of ideas, even if just from the source).

So long for a while, and enjoy the latest release until then. - May 20 2004

Graphic Apps by jsoffer 5 comments

Yes, the three crosses are the spots where the mouse clicks are marked.

To draw lines or triangles click the "draw lines" or "draw triangles" buttons in the toolbar and keep clicking.

I thought I had specified that on the included manual, but I'll try to make a page to make an easier start for new users.

If for some reason the drawing doesn't work please run the program from a console and see if some Python error appears, then file a bug report. - May 20 2004