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juan Carlos Mayorga
kbfx (Fedora)

Various Stuff by jucamaba2004 9 comments

I share same opinion of maarizwan, one single one wants to contribute with subjects for kbfx, since there is no place I specify to put it, is due to create perhaps the friend aqui will have something in against with Fedora, since I have not found that type of so infantile commentaries in other subjects of kbfx. and by the way most of commentaries that creates single is of you criticize or threatening, must change, and instead of being in con it must advise as they maarizwan - Jul 29 2005

Wallpaper Other by camdess 5 comments

se mira bonito el logo que he creado, gracias por utilizarlo en este wallpaper. execelente... - Jun 27 2005
Redline Power

KDE Plasma Screenshots by RevToTheRedline 3 comments

where I can find wallpaper that you use? - Jul 21 2004

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by r0ka 4 comments

this is very beautiful, good perspective for linux and the men.. - Jun 23 2004
Mi super desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by vicko 2 comments

le ayuda bastante al screenshots el wallpaper ded Mac, seria exelente si se modifica el sysinfo dee superkaramba con iconos mac, para que combine con el entorno. Solamente es una apreciaci - Jun 10 2004
Xtra Pert LiUX

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jucamaba2004 2 comments

msn is alvaro msn search in google rpm or
and yahoo in version unix for red hat in - May 20 2004
Server DELL REd Hat

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jucamaba2004 2 comments

this Sistems info is in kde-look with named
MRI karamba - Apr 30 2004
Lin UX

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jucamaba2004 4 comments

is gmplayer with skin OX-Brushed - Apr 21 2004
Red Hat Crystal X

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jucamaba2004 2 comments

that you talk about with res? - Mar 29 2004