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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Not sure this is the official way, but one method is to edit the config file. Close yakuake, navigate to the ~/.kde/share/config/ folder and open up the yakuakerc file. In there you will see the lines:

Skin=[name of your current skin]

You can delete those two to revert to the default skin.

Hope that helps.

- Dec 18 2014
There is an option under Configure Yakuake -> Behavior page -> Keep window open after last session is closed. - Nov 11 2012
Yes. But since that is handled by the embedded Konsolepart, you'll have to change them from within the Konsole application itself: Konsole -> Settings menu -> Configure Shortcuts. - Aug 04 2010
There is already an option in Configure Yakuake -> Behavior -> Open window after program start. Make shure that's unchecked. - Oct 14 2009

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Jun 12 2007
I just want to point out that Oxygen does not work completely on KDE 3.x. It may work for some icons, like folder, Konqueror, the K Menu, etc. but not all. The biggest reason is that KDE 4 follows the Icon Naming convention, which is incompatible with KDE 3's icon naming in most areas.

Just don't be surprised if you don't see all the Oxygen icons on KDE 3.x. - Jun 12 2007

System Software
by Sho

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May 11 2009