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judgen egonsson Hemma, Sweden
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

I abandoned gnome when they moved to GTK3 as it is just awful. Porting is almost impossible since gtk3 only allows stylesheet themes without depth, you would be better of trying to write one from scratch.

But my guess is that there will never be a MacOS Classic theme with reasonable similarity to the original Apple style for GTK3. Perhaps in gtk4 if the gnome devs reverse on their theming decisions. (But i find that even more unlikely) - Dec 12 2017

GTK3/4 Themes by haniahmed1986

Screenshot of scrollbars?
- Aug 25 2017
Candy for 20.04 mate and xfce

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 4 comments

It looks pretty nice. I love that you made it stand out a bit from the gajillion of "flat" themes out there by simulating a nice bevel.
- Nov 11 2015

GTK2 Themes by RobyN21 2 comments

Perhaps you could move this to the correct category? gtk-themes are perhaps not the best choise to put this under. - Nov 11 2015
Absolutely gorgeous! - Sep 16 2015
Ia Ora

QtCurve by dieterehlers 1 comment

Looks great, i would personally use a lighter shade of colouring scheme to make the looks really pop. But each to their own, and keep up the good work. - Sep 16 2015

Application Styles by tsujan 118 comments

Some apps like for example Opera 12 and some others i have tried has problems with white fonts in the white address bar making the text unreadable. Is this fixable somehow? I love the style but that is nothing short of a showstopper right there. - Dec 05 2014

Application Styles by tsujan 118 comments

Could you please make a 32bit package as well? - Nov 15 2014

Gnome Screenshots by Huku9H1F 1 comment

Finnish, french and English on the same UI, now that is impressive. - Apr 19 2014
BlackOpal themes

GTK3/4 Themes by Brahimsalem 3 comments

Could you add a screenshot of the GTK theme instead of just a blank desktop. Thank you. - Mar 31 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by tsujan 64 comments

Absolutely splendid, it is the first non-flat gtk3 theme outside of oxygen-gtk3 i have ever seen. Awesome job! - Feb 17 2014
Windows 8 GTK

GTK3/4 Themes by sinner59 34 comments

Wow, win8 might be the ugliest OS interface i have ever seen. - Feb 17 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes by PrismaDigitale 4 comments

It looks great, but i can not shake the feeling that the edge bevel is not quite right as you can see in the following screenshot: - Aug 13 2013
eOS Crystal

GTK3/4 Themes by LozanoJack 4 comments

Please add a screenshot of the scrollbars. Almost every one i have seen on this site is flat and absolutely horrit. But considering that your sliders look good i have high hopes for a beautiful scrollbar as well. - Feb 18 2013

GTK2 Themes by ro1ri 7 comments

We here at work need this lovely piece of nostalgia ported, could you please make a gkt3 version as well? Unified cyan terminus ftw. - Dec 06 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by pch76 23 comments

Really good conversion. i like it.

Would it be possible to make those pretty scrollbars that were in cheetah and panther releases with gtk3? All i have seen by most authors in terms of scrollbars is rather sad and ugly flat looking things. - Dec 06 2012

GTK2 Themes by Brahimsalem 3 comments

Is there a gtk theme with this look available? Looks great. - Nov 29 2012
PenOSmaster GTK3

GTK3/4 Themes by dusthillresident 32 comments

Did you change anything except the colours of the default gtk3 engine theme? - Nov 28 2012
QDark Sleek

Full Icon Themes by LuxieRayku 1 comment

Seems the link is broken.. Any chance you woull update the link? - Jul 16 2012

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 9 comments

Could you make a gtk3 version of this awesome theme as well? Some apps just does not look right now that many apps are a either gtk2 and gtk3.
Thanks you for your hard work. - Jul 11 2012

Full Icon Themes by litrzlo 4 comments

I just love the ncurses look you have on your rest of the theme.. any way you could share that? - Jun 20 2012
Windows 3.1

deKorator Themes by seanneko 2 comments

I get an X close button instead of the proper one shown in your screenshot, how do i remedy this? - Apr 28 2012

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 5 comments

I love it to death, Atari TOS is so nice!
- Aug 13 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 9 comments

This GTK is perfect. Man, you are amazing! - Jul 09 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 8 comments

I miss BeOS sooo bad. Thankyou for this! - May 19 2010

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 16 comments

All these alt-os themes just rocks my bubble my friend. - May 19 2010
Redmond3 (Windows 3.1 theme)

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by snovbx 3 comments

please, please, please make a gtk+ theme to go with that. That would be so awsome. - Apr 22 2010
QNX 7 Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Sakitoshi 2 comments

Could you make a metacity one too? - Dec 21 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

Im very glad you like it.. the usplash theme is going up today or this week.. as far as ive gotten (as KMS does not support nvidia) it works fine in hardy but not in karmic. but ill upload it when im sure i wont fudge up someones system. - Sep 12 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

Ill keep the suggestion in mind.. But for now im working on an usplash and some other stuff.. I added an GDM theme too yesterday to this suite. - Sep 12 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

Hope you like it as much as i do.. i put some work into this, a Usplash theme is coming soon when karmic can do kms for nvidia. - Sep 11 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

As there are space limitations for screenshots on this site limited to 700kb, i have also put a link to a better screenie in png. - Sep 10 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

I forgot yhe link, im so sorry... i though it had it posted... ill fix it right away. - Sep 10 2009
Classic Platinum OS9

GTK2 Themes by judgen 19 comments

Thank you. MacOS 9 was a pearl in usabillity, but the icons was god awful.. =). Allthough there are a few icons here on gnome look in svg inspired from rhapsody that i could use to make a icon theme in the future. - Sep 08 2009
Ia Ora

by dieterehlers

9   Sep 16 2015