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juan fg
Murrina Orange

GTK2 Themes by mbluethgen 8 comments


I like your theme but i liked it better before you changed the scroll bar color to orange. I personally think it is a bit too much orange.

I hope you reconsider this. It's good to have a bright color but i think it's better if it is used just in the top of any window and not everywhere.

J - Nov 03 2006
Murrina Orange for Emerald

Beryl/Emerald Themes by mbluethgen 4 comments

I have to say this combined with the murrine theme is the best combination of gtk&compiz i have seen.

There are two things i would like to add. The font you use for the title I didn't have it so it didn't look exactly as yours.

The second thing is that if you could create other themes with different colors i think it would be great.

That's all.

J - Oct 25 2006