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GTK2 Themes 31 comments

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Jun 17 2008
It looks really great. I find elegant brit is just one of the best, if the best theme in gnome-look. But I just have a little regret with your theme: it would be great if it's colorscheme was unlocked. this way you could make it fit with whatever wallpaper you want. - Jun 17 2008
Murrina Relax Rawen

GTK2 Themes 1 comment

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Jun 17 2008
I like the window background color, looks easy to the eye's, but warmer than the grey of a human murrina. Good job :oD - Jun 16 2008
Elegant Simple

Compiz Themes 3 comments

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Jun 11 2008
Yes this time it looks really good. Good job :oD and thanks. - Jun 10 2008
Hi thanks for your Emerald it looks classy with the GTK. If I could just make you a little suggestion, I find the blue cross to close the window doesn't fit a lot with the color scheme. A light brown or orange would be better. But that's up to you. - Jun 09 2008
Simple Murrina / Ubuntu Hardy Heron GTK

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Jun 14 2008
Hi thanks for the Emerald it's fit perfectly. For the firefox fix I'll try to find the trick. For now the only thing to do is to disable the CSS sheet of the buggy pages via (View=>Page Style). - Jun 09 2008
I can't go to the link you've sent me. For the characters try to set a pure white colors for the font, hopefully it will fix the problem. - Jun 06 2008
Hi flyinghigh happy to see you. I had a watch at the dark-sauna, it's true it really looks the same. Actually yesterday I was playing a little with the color palette when suddenly my beloved said she found the dark brown theme really good. So as I believe her tastes are good and I'm kinda of art stupid, I decided to set it as main theme. The theme you linked is really awesome, perhaps a little bit too chocolate for me, but I find the menus are really good.
Thanks for your comment and for using my previous works :)

Julien - Jun 06 2008
In fact as it already comes with 3 white themes, I decided to pack another dark theme. And as you said with color theming support it doesn't really matter. - Jun 05 2008
Thanks for your comment, I'll fix it in the next release. - Jun 05 2008
New Hardy

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Jun 03 2008
In fact it's the correct theme but you should edit the file "index.theme" to change the name of your theme otherwise if my theme is already installed it will be selected by default. You can simply edit the file with gedit via the terminal. - Jun 02 2008
Hi thanks for the credit :oD. By the way there's a problem with your theme, it install the original one, perhaps you've uploaded the wrong one. I'm looking forward to try it, glossy looks good. - Jun 02 2008
Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy Heron GDM-LIST

GDM Themes 13 comments

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Jun 04 2008
Unfortunatly not. The GDM and Emerald are my only uploads. I'll try to see if there's a way to do an Usplash, but personnaly I like simple ones like the original. For the icons unfortunatly I'm not skilled enough for, I'm actually using the Default Ubuntu Human theme, because the colors fits good. For the GTK I'll try to see what can be done.

Thanks for appreciating my work :) - Apr 30 2008
Thanks mate :) - Apr 29 2008