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Julien Olivier

GTK2 Themes by dwerg 37 comments

I'd LOVE to have a KDE style matching this one ! Really, I'd love that ! - Nov 30 2002
Larry the Cow alpha

Wallpaper Other by greenhorn 1 comment

Great idea !

It's simple but it makes my purple solid color background look nice but not disturbing.

Thanks a lot. - Nov 15 2002
Keramik flat toolbars

Various Stuff by julo 5 comments

Well, that's normal because the patch hasn't been inserted into the RPM. You'll have to compile it yourself from CVS. - Oct 07 2002

Various Stuff by kborrey 9 comments

Answer is here:

It's the homepage link. - Sep 12 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by gerrit 3 comments

Never work as root ! - Mar 20 2002
Kopete, The KDE Messenger

KDE Plasma Screenshots by gerrit 5 comments

why don't you just use to promote your app instead of this site ? - Feb 25 2002

Of course I can give you the source code but I don't have a permanent connection to the net and don't know of an easy solution for hosting it. Maybe I could upload it here ? Else, if you know a better way, just tell me. - Feb 12 2002

I've hardly tested it so please tell me if you had troubles installing it on Mdk-8.1.

If you know how to make a RPM, just do it !

Finally, if anyone knows where other distros put thoise files (Mdk puts them in /usr but I think it's not the right place...), thanks to tell me.

PS: thanks to Mosfet for this great engine ! - Feb 11 2002
Julo theme

KDE 2 Themes by julo 2 comments

I'll change it very soon.

Thanks for your report. - Jan 30 2002