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Kevin Tan , United States of America
KDE 4 Splashscreens
Plasma Splashscreens
Snowy Night Miku

KDE 4 Splashscreens 8 comments

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Apr 07 2014
Ok, it should be "fixed" now. I was setting all of my imported library versions to the ones in QT5.7 (which I don't really need to do). I'm not sure if plasmapkg2 overwrites the previous install, but if it doesn't, you can remove the splash with:
"plasmapkg2 -t lookandfeel -r SnowyNightMiku"
And then reinstall the new splash. - Jul 18 2016
Could you try pastebinning the output of "qmlscnene~/Downloads/snowynightmiku/contents/splash/Splash.qml"? - Jul 17 2016
It's supposed to be something like this (you need to extract it first though):
plasmapkg2 -t lookandfeel -i ~/Downloads/SnowyNightMiku - Jul 17 2016
London_eye theme and splash screen KDE5

SDDM Login Themes 4 comments

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Jul 03 2016
The SDDM theme should go here and the splash screen should go to "Plasma Splash Screens". - Jul 17 2016