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justaguy insrq "Muskoka", Canada
Ubuntulooks Art Pack

GTK2 Themes by viper500 14 comments

Why the change to Fedora from Ubuntu, just curious .... ? - Apr 25 2006
GDE Transparent

Wallpaper Other by kijun 4 comments

Fantastic wallpaper!

Thanks for sharing ........... - Apr 16 2006
Gnome Tribal

Wallpapers Gnome by elm4y4 4 comments

Very hot wall!!

Had to have it - Mar 30 2005
Slackware Logo Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by marcm2003 5 comments

WOW Very, very eye-catching. I, too, am going to wait for the transparent version. Not that I have anything against this one, but the transparent one would suit my needs most!

I hope to see more from you in the NEAR future.

Keep It UP !!!!!!! - Feb 25 2004
LiNuX (transparent)

Wallpaper Other by zmeden 11 comments

I am really taken by this! It is simple, clean, attractive ........and well, genius! I have never seen a posted wallpaper that had so many very POSITIVE suggestions, specifically when others have taken the time to sent a "screenie"!, rather than the "ordinary" belly aches about what "custom orders" should be filled. OUTSTANDING!!!!

Keepin an eye out for you guy!


Quinn - Dec 20 2003
Lastslack blue

Wallpaper Other by bunker 3 comments

I like it just the way it is :) - Nov 26 2003
Black Chrome Linux

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 1 comment

Nice, I like it! What really catches my eye is the panel, and how your wallpaper "accomodates" it. - Nov 18 2003