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Jun 06 2012
Ahh, well I always just install it by right clicking on a plasma panel or desktop and clicking on add widget. You can then click on Get New Widgets and either click on download new plasma widgets and search for Konsole Widget, or install from local file and choose the zip file you can download on this page. - Jun 06 2012
You know, that's the main thing that bothers me as well. I spent a couple hours trying to fix that at one point but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to work like it's supposed to. - Jun 06 2012
What specifically would you like to know? I'd be more than happy to write up a read me if you'd be willing to give me a list of questions you have or think others might have. - May 08 2012
I just accidentally removed a bunch of stuff trying to get rid of Akonandi and the same thing started happening to me. I fixed it by installing plasma-scriptengine-python and python-kde4 - May 08 2012
Saw your request but I wasn't certain what if any action I was supposed to take, I'm more of an SVN guy and haven't used Git much yet. In anycase I had a "pull" request from you, but it also said you had already made changes that you were ready to commit which would indicate that you had already pulled the repo. In any case I didn't want to hit the merge button that was all over the place and end up overwriting your changes or something so I just made you a Collaborator which from what I can tell means you should be able to commit as much as you'd like. Thanks for the help, I'll make sure to credit you in the appropriate places. - May 06 2012
That should do it for the moment, the comment about tabs got me thinking but I prob won't get to it for a week or so. - May 05 2012
The only dependency that I can recall off-hand is PYQT, take a look at , it might shed some light on what is needed. - May 05 2012
I appreciate the comments/suggestions. Any chance you'd want to lend a hand? I'd obviously make sure you get credit for the changes, sources are here: if you want to make changes. I'm not sure if you can commit as a guest but if you have a github account I could add you to the commit list. - May 05 2012
I haven't had a chance to work on this in awhile, it was my first foray into plasma widgets so I apologize if it's buggy.

It's not a binary or anything but I made a repo for the sources anyway in case anyone wants to help out:

Let me know if you'd like to commit or have suggestions for improvements. - May 05 2012
post a png and I'll make one - Jun 22 2011
I'm not sure what that is but the widget I built doesn't even have scroll bars and has a black background... - Jun 22 2011
File name is now, hope that helps someone down the road. I guess I didn't really test it thoroughly enough but I went back through and checked everything again before uploading this time. Added in an option to keep the popup from auto hiding when it loses focus and also fixed another bug where exiting the console wasn't recreating the shell so you ended up with an empty widget.

FYI, the download button says Ubuntu because I built and tested it in Kubuntu and they don't really give you many options when publishing, there's no generic "Linux" option, this time around I just set that field to other.

Oh yeah, and orion2000za, really? Have you ever installed one of these plasma widgets before? - Jun 15 2011