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Don't be windows

Wallpapers Windows by o6n 7 comments

1) The PICTURE makes it look tacky.
2) How many times are you going to release the same wallpaper? (
3) I seriously doubt you have the right to release this girl as GPL. Is the picture of the girl "your work"? - Jul 29 2005
Charisma Carpenter

People by o6n 28 comments

Do you have permission from the author of this photo to release it as GPL? If not, you're stealing and infringing on his/her copyright. - Jul 29 2005
Garden ER

Wallpaper Other by MKastelik 2 comments

OK, we get it, you know how to use a camera. Please don't spam the site with many pictures in one day. Anyone can use a camera. - Jul 29 2005