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Matt Sicker Chicago, United States of America
Oxygen skin for Opera

Opera by squall38 21 comments

The Opera 10 beta nightlies (Qt4 builds) have support for native themes, but it's not complete, and this Oxygen theme looks much better (and uses more appropriate icons, tab styles, and more). I love it! - Jul 02 2009

Browser by ceebx 11 comments

Oh wait, now I have a question. I'm getting a compilation error (g++: g++: No such file or directory), and for as useful as GCC's errors are (i.e., not at all), I don't know the problem. What are the dependencies for this? - Jun 21 2007

Browser by ceebx 11 comments

This sort of thing is exactly what I need! I realised this yesterday whilst attempting to sort my bookmarks; there was no way I was going to do that effectively without tags. I use regularly (or normally), but the delicious sidebar isn't good enough for this. Firefox has a few delicious extensions that replace its bookmark system with one based on your delicious account, and although that's quite helpful, I prefer to use Konqueror whilst using KDE. It would be spectacular to see something like this replace the current bookmark system in Konqueror whether it be for 3.x or 4.x.

Thank you for putting the effort into this project! It will be invaluable in sorting my hundreds of bookmarks. - Jun 21 2007

Security by Abdel-Mujib 25 comments

KWallet doesn't work [well] on OS X, and frankly the Keychain sucks anyhow.

This program does help with generating passwords securely for you, but beyond that, I don't really know.

Also, KWallet only works with KDE programs that support it. How can you track your passwords in other apps? - Apr 27 2007

Security by sbe 16 comments

This is a great iptables (et al.) configurator! It really makes this as easy as OS X's firewall configuration thinger, and it gives you more control than just that. At first I was slightly confused on the zones concept, but once that clicks, everything makes sense. - Apr 27 2007

Board by hoermen 8 comments

Does it work with monopd servers? - Aug 09 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by PaStIcHiO 11 comments

Just make sure it continues to stay connected. Odd how as soon as you made the .2 update, delicious changes their API. :( - Aug 03 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by PaStIcHiO 11 comments

I don't know if this can be done, but how about a method to post the current URL from Konqueror to I think it can be done via dcop, but multiple Konqueror instances and tabs might make it hard to do properly. - Jul 27 2006
amaroK Video Capable [MockUp]

Video Apps by menace1982 46 comments

Yeah, we don't want another "GIMP" sort of name. :P - Jul 26 2006

Graphic Apps by bk12 105 comments

Although Gwenview is great, I think it needs some usability enhancements for a porn-viewing mode. The ability to keep the same position on an image across different images or even saving the viewing position for specific images would be great. Check out pornview for some usability ideas. - Jul 26 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by PaStIcHiO 11 comments

Dude, it's great. Thanks for a decent KDE app for once. :D - Jul 26 2006
Hot Anime Beach Girls

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by blacktiger 4 comments

Just add things like FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris (and OpenSolaris if there's a difference), PC-BSD, DestopBSD, etc.

Or even *BSD might help. - Jun 24 2006
Jul 02 2009