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Jay Wayne Evansville, United States of America

GTK3/4 Themes by lassekongo83 22 comments

Very nice. I usually stick to the blues and grays but the green is rather refreshing for a change. Nice work. - Jan 27 2012

Gnome Shell Themes by jackho 7 comments

Thank you!

You can remove your link if you like because I have it here;
- Dec 18 2011

Gnome Shell Themes by jackho 7 comments

I really like this theme. What's the name of your wallpaper? - Dec 18 2011

GTK2 Themes by SpikeyB 3 comments

Nice definition on the titlebar.
Where did you get the background? - Feb 22 2009
Ubuntu Brown Edition

Wallpapers Ubuntu by akuji 3 comments

All of your backgrounds are nice and no, there's no reason to change the title of this one.
Ignore cmost's comments as he's one of the reasons to ignore if not completely eliminate the voting system. - Feb 18 2009
Military State "Refine"

GTK2 Themes by Tokio-VS-Nepal 48 comments

I had two themes that I would switch back and forth between (Carbonfibre & Mac4Lin) and now this one gets added to the mix.
I like the shades of green you chose although I did have to lighten one a little so it would look right in Evolution Calendar.
Nice work! - Dec 28 2008
Gnome orb metal

Wallpapers Gnome by aktarus 2 comments

All three of these are great. Thanks for uploading. - Dec 23 2008
Ubuntu Logo 3D

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Pxl3d 8 comments

This is nice. Why is it being voted down without comment? - Dec 18 2008
Enigma Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 3 comments

I like it.
225 downloads but votes of only 35% good? - Dec 09 2008
ConicalCanonical 1440x900

Wallpaper Other by jwane 3 comments

Actually it took about 30 minutes. I'm just learning my way around Gimp so no, I don't stray much beyond the default settings right now. - Dec 06 2008
BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like

Gnome Shell Themes
by bisoft

9   Feb 08 2012

GTK2 Themes
by gpoint

9   Jan 30 2012

GTK3/4 Themes
by lassekongo83

9   Jan 28 2012

GDM Themes
by novomente

9   Dec 23 2011
malys - universal

GTK3/4 Themes
by malys777

9   Dec 19 2011
GNOME shell - ANewStartBlood

Gnome Shell Themes
by alecive

9   Dec 19 2011

Gnome Shell Themes
by jackho

9   Dec 18 2011